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"Hold Me Closer" officially drops on August 26th.  Pre-save. 🚀🌹

Justin Bieber kicks off 2021 with new song/video for "Anyone"

Jordan Miller

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20 hours ago, allthat88 said:

These songs feel so safe & generic.  They are really trying to get him big on radio again.  

also what is with these videos putting him in middle America as a working class person?  I don’t get the choices there. 

but congrats. It’ll be a big radio song 

Because he's playing a part in a story, you don't have to have same lifestyle in order to play it in a music video + it gives it a human touch,

then just to flex he's Grammy Nobs and cash. 




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3 hours ago, Benji Brown said:

Because he's playing a part in a story, you don't have to have same lifestyle in order to play it in a music video + it gives it a human touch,

then just to flex he's Grammy Nobs and cash. 

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I understand the concept of a video.   The whole play to middle America concept is just a big turn from his normal brand.   It’s obviously strategic but weird.  

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It’s set that way because his song is about living in the moment and not being governed either by the past or future. Ironically, it’s shot far in the past. So I am to presume he fixated and speaking about far into the future .... anything can happen 30 or 40 years from our present time.

Throughout the video we also see symbolism of him battling with himself ... to the point that he’s literally in a fight ... so here I am also inclined to assume he’s grappling with the concept of time and the choices he needs to make. 

There is no assurance with time ... or I guess I should say, life. What he does know is, he can’t picture himself living a life without the one he currently loves. Everything else, therefore, seems inconsequential. It doesn’t last forever. Their love will. Technology, people, places, etc... eventually changes. 

Whatever those limitations are, circumstances, the time even (maybe even alluding to our present time), their not worth worrying or battling with in one’s  mind is what I gather from all this. 

In the end, the love they share, is the victor. We see that at the end of the video. It alludes to him winning the fight, but the way they kiss and hold each other, she’s the real winner. I guess what he is really saying, he hopes their love will last forever and there’s no real way to know until the end (which is obviously several years from now). 

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I think it’s a good song and a great video. He looks really good and does a good character. It felt believable and was a nice change of pace. But at sometimes he looked like he had no nipples. The tattoo makeup made him look like a ken doll.  

Beibz is beating up dudes while Shawn Mendez is dancing weird lost in a forest. But I like them both.  :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

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On 1/1/2021 at 4:09 AM, IForgotYouExisted said:

Does anyone still care for him and his music?

Like, his last decent songs were Sorry and Love Yourself....

And Britney’s last real hit was “I wanna go” in 2011... unless you count scream and shout. This fanbase always amazes me. He’s a hit artist and his product is great. I don’t understand the negativity! I still hold out hope for another Britney smash on radio. 

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