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Older Fans, what are some things that newer fans may not know about Britney back in the day?

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The younger generation really needs to take a deep dive into her discography. Obviously they know the big hits like Baby, Oops and Toxic, but she has so much in her catalogue that was never mainstream single material that I really think the younger generation would love. My baby sister was born in 2000 so I always age her by Oops I Did It Again, and even though she grew up with a huge Britney fan for a brother, there’s songs she’ll hear all the time that are brand new to her. Most of the time I am so thankful I grew up in the age of Britney, but sometimes I am so envious of these younger generations just getting to discover her catalogue for the first time and learn so much about why Britney is such a superstar. Imagine being able to hear all of her music again for the first time? 😍

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In Mexico flipping the middle finger has been known as "la Britney señal" ever since she flipped the paparazzi back in 2002. Like for real, the term is sill used in tv shows and stuff to this day

Newer fans always tends to forget that she started her professional career when she was just 10-11. Also something that always irks me is the fact that people say she started her music career when she

That her fame was at a whole different level back then, incomparable to any of today’s pop artists. She is true royalty, and not just fan proclaimed.

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5 hours ago, sweetkiss said:

its nor really a mystery, even in your pictures this right one looks different,but in your second row second picture is her pregnant and its a known fact your nose gets swollen and looks wider while you pregnant.

She wasnt pregnant there. :pieceofwhat_britney_awkward:

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On 1/2/2021 at 1:37 AM, filmandstage13 said:

I feel bad that young fans weren’t able to experience her early album releases first hand. They were EVENTS. Prior to the era of major internet leaks, you only heard what Britney and the label teased. The Making the Video Oops episode was the first time I ever heard the song, and it was a family event in my house.

The only thing I can think of that really captures a fraction of the excitement is the Total Britney Live special they did during the Britney album rollout. They did not do this type of program for just anyone. And the audience is going nuts!


oh man im so jealous, i was born in 93 so didnt conciously live through those years...funny thing is though, all my fabourite artists peaked or debuted in the late 90s/early 00s...and somehow it doesnt feel like two decades ago to me at all, even though i was so small.

sometimes i wish we could go back to pre-interweb times, and enjoy the simple things like above mentioned album release party :)

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There was a live feed from a helicopter following her ambulance in 2008 when she was famosly hospitalized and I watched that at like 5 in the morning from where im at. Thats how CRAZY the paparazzi following was on her at the time.

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On 12/30/2020 at 7:44 AM, Kartofelek said:

Back in 2000 it was considered "s shame" to be a male and a Britney fan. She was like the Spice Girls - "not for teenagers", 'not cool" up until 2003 happened.

She was in Bravo, Popcorn and other teen mags weekly. I think she was one of their selling points. Posters were a thing. Teens these days won't know the devotion it took to buy all the mags and collect clippings etc.

There was some cover-up when pictures of her drunk and smoking cigs appeared in press back in late 2000.

"Sometimes" was basically released a year after "BOMT" was served to radios. Now that's an impact of a first single.


Actually the opposite for me. It was cool to be a Britney fan in 2000-2002. Maybe because I was in elementary school so all the kids were mesmerized by her. However, I felt like the only stan during 2003 when I hit middle school. People would actually laugh when I said I still listened to Britney, but they would always talk about the videos/award shows. She became a pariah around Kfed time 

                🍻Intoxicate me, I’m a lush🍻

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I was born in 2001 and really didn't have much on a grasp on pop culture because family, but one artist I KNOW I was aware of was Britney. And when I became a die hard fan in 2017, it became ever so more evident she was the biggest name out there. Reading this thread made me so sad but happy, but I really wish I had been able to experience her releases from Circus+ when I was cognitive to understand what was going on with her :otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad:

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Oops I did it again the album debuted at #1 on the billboard albums chart with over 1.3 million copies sold the first week and Eminem replaced her at #1 after 1 week with his Marshall Mathers LP album selling 1.78 million copies. oops stayed at #2 for 15 consecutive weeks and was second highest selling album of 2000 (the highest being No Strings Attached by Nsync). 

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There were a ton of Britney Spears hate sites from 1999 to 2004 (especially 1999 to 2003). The Britney hate site peak was in 2003! There was nothing like it, the closest thing I could think of is if there was internet back in 1985, there would have been a ton of Madonna hate sites.

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15 hours ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

Actually the opposite for me. It was cool to be a Britney fan in 2000-2002. Maybe because I was in elementary school so all the kids were mesmerized by her. However, I felt like the only stan during 2003 when I hit middle school. People would actually laugh when I said I still listened to Britney, but they would always talk about the videos/award shows. She became a pariah around Kfed time 

I was the target age audience for Britney back in the late 90's and early/mid 00's, and you're right. Pretty much after the Spring of 2002, around the Justin/Britney break up, it was no longer 'cool' to listen to our lady of Pop anymore! It was that way until Toxic in early 2004.

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The movie Drive Me Crazy was originally called Next To You but was changed once Britney’s song Crazy was attached to the movie. 

People loved to hate her. Especially a lot of celebrities hated on her. 



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On 1/2/2021 at 6:42 PM, Needleney said:

Her nose has always been a mystery. Cause if you look at those pictures, her nose looks exactly the same. I never really believed she had a nose job before 2013/2014, i think its all about lightening.




1998 - 2004



But her nose looks different in those pictures. 

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58 minutes ago, Danielle1987 said:

But her nose looks different in those pictures. 

I dont think her nose looks different in those pictures. Its just shadow and lightening that makes it look ‘different’. Thats how i see it.

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maybe this isn't about Britney, but being a fan of hers. I remember constantly being made fun of in school and by "friends" (not real friends) that I was a fan of Britney Spears. And how she was lame and stupid and how I must be gay bc of it. Well they got the last part right, but for a while I was really ashamed and embarrassed to be a Britney fan bc I would always get make fun of it. Straight boys in my class would say "it's one thing to think she's hot, but you like her music and that's stupid bc she's fake and her music sucks!". I am so happy that Britney gets the mainstream support and love and admiration she always deserved now.

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