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Older Fans, what are some things that newer fans may not know about Britney back in the day?

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In Mexico flipping the middle finger has been known as "la Britney señal" ever since she flipped the paparazzi back in 2002. Like for real, the term is sill used in tv shows and stuff to this day

Newer fans always tends to forget that she started her professional career when she was just 10-11. Also something that always irks me is the fact that people say she started her music career when she

That her fame was at a whole different level back then, incomparable to any of today’s pop artists. She is true royalty, and not just fan proclaimed.

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8 minutes ago, ElenaB said:

i think this is something that new fans may not know about 07/08 and the cship. Back in 08 when she was hospitalized and the cship was put in place a lot of us agreed with it (i think the majority of us felt this way). The Blackout era wasn’t easy, we were actually scared for her life. I remember checking BH everyday with fear ngl. So when Jamie stepped up and took Britney away from Sam Lufti I was relieved. Then her team made her work again immediately for Circus and I was so happy because she seemed “healthy” and like her old self. We (at least I) didn’t know right away what this all meant and how it was going to shape the rest of her life til this day. I feel guilty and sad, but looking back it was like they were actually saving her life.:crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad:

The thing is... It could go both ways (is it really stripping her of her rights or is it for legal stuff?) so of course you'll choose for the one where you invade her privacy the least and mind your own business. Especially considering what she's been through. But when she needed the world to be invasive the most, it wasn't. It's ironic and awful


There was a string of candids in 2013-2014 where she looked amazing so Britney looking so weird lately is really because they must've kept ******* with her meds. Even though there were many signs, it wasn't a downhill trend from 2008 to make it obvious or anything like that. Of course making her go to a mental facility for three months, cancelling her show and the weird captions made it really obvious

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13 minutes ago, Gandiiminogue said:

How absolutely massive Greatest hits was among the gays! Think it was 2005 it was released with all her music videos on a DVD too, this was like the holy grail lol 

2004, with the impossible menu all the extras and alt views and the Outrageous footage, they really knew how to make the fans happy back in the day 

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1 hour ago, Cinderella85 said:

Britney is a real badass who speaks her mind. She can be really sarcastic and even mean sometimes. But never without a reason. She has a great sense of humor and doesn't take herself so seriously. She is very strong and independent. She cares for everyone around her: give them gifts, jobs, supported them in things that are important to them, like Introducing her grandfather to Aretha Franklin and get  Kevin a record deal and appearances  in front of thousands of people
.I think she is the friend you can call at 3 am and she is just there. She is very caring and loving. She was the bridesmaid for Brett for example. She knows exactly what she wants, not just when it comes to her job, but also in her private life. She has a grip on everything. when she needs help, she takes it. Like when she needs a Psychologist during the Britney era or a babysitter when she split up with Kevin. So her baby's were always supplied. Brit is not afraid to try new things, she is very open to other people, cultures, music sounds, etc.(but not food). She is one of the bravest people I ever saw in my whole life.

Let´s never forget the "Real Britney".That is for what we´re  fighting. That she can be herself again.

I miss the Old Britney too. She was full of life and AWESOME. 

OT: She was sooooo kind to her fans and communicated with them. But now some ppl think that shes untalented and rude to them 

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19 minutes ago, Gandiiminogue said:

How absolutely massive Greatest hits was among the gays! Think it was 2005 it was released with all her music videos on a DVD too, this was like the holy grail lol 

Oh yes,the music videos!:urite_wendy_williams_red_yes_earrings_nod_proud_wow_impressed: I saw a lot of them for the very first time,others I just watched just one or two times




Overprotected Darkchild Remix



And then the then- new videos for Outrageous and My Prerogative. And I love the menu and the extras. Karaoke, different versions of the videos, and different angles. You could "dice" the videos and surprise which one shows up next. The DVD was pure gold.

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-She was voted “First Lady” of TRL & they also put her Barbie doll on top of the TRL Christmas tree as the angel.

-She and Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit dated a bit in 2003. Fred wrote on his website to his fans how much he was in love with her & his fan base met him with ridicule. Britney denied the relationship, hurting Fred’s feelings. He was probably supposed to keep it private. 

-Britney was a pioneer in low-rise, hip hugging jeans. 

-As another user posted, yes she had breast implants.

-She had a nipple piercing around 2002/2003

-I can account for at least 3 nose jobs in her career. Around late 1998/early 1999, late 2000/Early 2001, and 2013/2014. You never hear anyone talk about her nose job before the Britney era. 



& we all know how her nose looks now. 

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2 hours ago, lili_ballet said:

am not an older fan myself but my english teacher told me that when he was in college (in the uk) "britney" was a nickname for beer, so the guys would be like "lets get britneys" lmao

I did the same lol. I’m in the uk and we make sayings for everything.

Britney Spears - Beers

Apples and Pears - Stairs

Dog and Bone - Phone


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Back in 2000 it was considered "s shame" to be a male and a Britney fan. She was like the Spice Girls - "not for teenagers", 'not cool" up until 2003 happened.

She was in Bravo, Popcorn and other teen mags weekly. I think she was one of their selling points. Posters were a thing. Teens these days won't know the devotion it took to buy all the mags and collect clippings etc.

There was some cover-up when pictures of her drunk and smoking cigs appeared in press back in late 2000.

"Sometimes" was basically released a year after "BOMT" was served to radios. Now that's an impact of a first single.


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Requesting on radio really mattered!  We used to call radio stations, via our home landlines, to request Britney.


Oops I Did It Again was played EVERYWHERE Summer 2000....literally EVERYWHERE 


Britney made low rise jeans popular


We didnt realize Britney wore weave so her hair was a mystery 


You could get Britney merch from bubblegum machines


The dolls were EVERYWHERE


Britney was on ALL of the teen magazines and they came with fold out posters 

Britney was even in school cafeterias

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