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Are you still a Britney Spears fan?

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I was a kid who was fascinated by her but I was clueless about her situation back then. Now with everything we learned and many nasty rumors, the lack of communication, the endless fight…ugh! The thing I used to adore feels like a big lie. I’m not sure if I consider myself a Britney Spears fan anymore (but I can say that I’m a fan of Britney herself as much as I know her). I became a fan in the Circus era so it almost feels like there was never a “Britney Spears” in the first place. I rarely want to listen to a Britney song nowadays and when I do, it’s because I’m used to or sometimes I listen to unreleased material etc. I can’t feel right saying “her song” or “her tour” cuz were they really hers? I used to wonder why I don’t see her interacting with other artists or having a “girls squad”, why doesn’t she use social media as active as others but now it all makes sense. Let alone having a girls squad now we’re talking about rumors that I don’t even want to name. Hope none of these are true but the brand has already lost its beauty and meaning to me. The brand and the person feel too seperate.  I doubt even Britney likes it if she still has a reason left according to all the things I read here. Everything feels like an illusion and now we’ve got nothing while waiting for a “Ray of Light”, a “Primeney performance” and stuff for years. So many interviews showing zero interest, using the minimum amount of words and looking at the outside of the camera constantly…how can I blame her???? What was I expecting???Now I’m just a person who loves her and admire her talent. I want Britney herself(whoever she has become now) to be happy and confident just for herself…and of course, honesty towards her fanbase. I don’t want to ruin it for you, in fact I’d be very excited if she decided to continue as an artist after getting free. I just wanted to share my feelings and wonder what y’all think.
And insert a “sorry for my bad english” thingy here in case I made mistakes cuz I was overwhelmed by feelings while writing this and I’m not a native so…yeah. 

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I was a kid who was fascinated by her but I was clueless about her situation back then. Now with everything we learned and many nasty rumors, the lack of communication, the endless fight…ugh! The thin

I am not a fan, I am a ******* hardcore diehard unhealthy obssesive stan Till the world ends 

I'm not a fan of Britney Spears anymore, i have become a stan pretty long time ago and i stan Britney Jean Spears. I stan this woman beyond her music, her amazing music videos and her performances. I

I guess I get what you mean. It’s hard to like anything from 2008-2013 now without thinking of her situation. I like Glory because she made it on her own terms and it shows. With that said, even though I was a kid, I did understand what was going on in 2008 (for how well an 11 year old can get it). It just kind of seemed like she was in trouble with her dad (that’s how I understood it). As I got older and more eras came back stuff definitely seemed more and more off but I loved Britney. I still do. I wanna support what she does either way. For that reason I still consider myself a very very big fan

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i am and always will be. But since  2013 i'd say, it has been so boring tbh. 4 years she was in Vegas, then towards the end of 2017, i was getting fed up. There was months of speculation about her finally doing another UK tour but Britney and her team didnt say anything for months, just  let the rumours swirl and for someone who hadnt got to see her live upto that point, i got so pissed off and thought FFS why cant Britney and her team just f---ing confirm or deny this and give us some clarification? fortunately it was confirmed in January 2018 and i got tickets for her Glasgow gig. But it was the months of will she, wont she that   got on my nerves

And tbh now im fed up if im honest with the whole cship fiasco. its been 4 years since Glory and i really want a new Britney album. But tbh i feel like saying that on this forum is almost like swearing now, in fact its worse than swearing, because people jump down your throat 'how dare you want new Britney music! you must not care about Britney'. Yes i do care about Britney and im sick of this cship **** like everyone else and want it over with. But is it such a crime to miss her music and wanting new music? i miss the excitement of a new Britney album.

i just hate the cship situation now tbh. i feel like all her fans have been in limbo now for 2 years now and all we have is reading about her stupid father who was apparently at 'deaths door' in January 2019 but still alive when we're going into 2021. and theres nothing to look forward to apart from her doing yoga with sam on IG

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I will forever be a fan of Britney Spears. How could I not be. Maybe it's because I'm older and so I grew up with Britney in her "baby one more time" and "oops" heyday, but I feel weirdly emotional about her journey, because what happened to Britney was raw and awful. Whatever happened to her in 07/08 really affected her confidence and drive for performing but it will never change how I feel about her. I truly wish the best for her future. I want her to be happy more than anything. If that means that she needs to disappear from the spotlight, then so be it. 

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I'm not a fan of Britney Spears anymore, i have become a stan pretty long time ago and i stan Britney Jean Spears. I stan this woman beyond her music, her amazing music videos and her performances. I stan and love her as a human, a mother, an entertainer, a performer. 

She will forever be number 1 in my heart and that's something that has never changed through the years that i have been following her career. 


Everybody's talking all this stuff about me. Why don't they just let me live?

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Even if there was no conservatorship, there's always gonna be people benefitting from the artists, like managers, the record labels, etc. Tbh I feel like, besides the time she gets to have her kids, performing has been one of the few things that helped her get through all these years of conservatorship.  Today things might be different, but imagine her 10 years ago stuck in her home with her conservator, with nothing else to do, all the days she doesn't have the kids with her, just thinking about her situation. As sad as it is, going onstage has been for many years her only escape from her reality, her only connection to the outside world. 

You see how sad she looks on For the Record? Yet some of the few times where she seems genuinely happy is when she's rehearsing the choreographies. Same in I am Britney Jean. 

You can see her input in many details even up to POM residency, classic Britney stuff that has been present in all of her tours even pre-conservatorship, like certain props or thingies here and there, not to mention her outfits that she herself modifies. Besides HIAM and TTWE, she seems to have a lot of fun on her music videos, even the not so appreciated by the fans, Pretty Girls or Make Me.... So how can I not enjoy her music and whatever she's done all these years if it has her print all over it? 

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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yes, actually with this situation i think i've become an even bigger fan of her, because i've realized how strong and admirable a person she is for white knuckling her way through all of this. i already thought so from her coming out of 2007 alive... now i think even more that she's an incredible human being. :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know:

i do agree it sort of leaves a stain on anything that's come out since 2008 though. 

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I will never not adore her with every fiber of my being.  Her talent was unmatched in her prime.  She’s a legend for a reason.  Yes, there are some stains in her legacy from 2008-now, but even then...the fact that she went out there and did all that she did under these restraints is admirable AF.  I don’t blame her for losing her passion for some things.  She literally is a prisoner within her situation and probably has little faith in the system to change her circumstance to better allow her to live a more free and less-controlled lifestyle.  I could never turn my back on her because of how she’s changed.  I know I’d feel some type of way if I was in her shoes as well.  I never gave AF about her brand or her having a big social circle with her peers in the industry...it’s been clear from the get-go that she’s not the “Hollywood” type and that she still holds strong to her southern roots, which I respect.  She never vied for attention the same way the Kardashians or other celebrities do.  She wanted to perform and make music and also live a relatively low-key life...which also shows how humble she is.  I can see how you feel the way you do, becoming a fan during the conservatorship days, but honestly, Britney was never like any of the other girls in the industry...and that’s part of why I respect her so much.  Don’t let this stuff ruin your perception or fandom.  She still created her art (except Brenda Joan I suppose lol).  She brought those songs to life in the studio and she worked hard despite everything that had been happening to her.  Because of that, I respect Circus-Glory on a completely different level than I do BOMT-Blackout.  I don’t doubt she will be back sometime, but for now we gotta stick by her side.  She’s always been there for us with her art, we can’t abandon her when she needs us most. <3

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Been a fan since day one and will be to the day I die. The cship doesn’t make her work any less excellent. Love her as a person too and the fact that she’s endured this sitch for as long as she has, just shows what a strong person she is, most people would have prolly offed themselves, seeing her finally with the courage to fight makes her even stronger.

She’d prolly feel bad knowing some fans were turning against all her work that she gave over 20 years of her life too and a decade of it stuck in this thing.

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i feel you; i think we are all fans and care about her and her wellbeing but i feel what you feel. and i think its guilt. i think we feel guilty having had enjoyed her music so much in the past and criticizing her lack of passion when in reality she was kinda forced to perform all these years.

regardless, we'll always be her fans, she's the most lovable creature on earth - puppy level.

its just weird hearing her say that her twenties were the worst years of her life and at the same time those were the years we enjoyed the most of her.

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