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I regret buying Britney Spears' "My Only Wish (This Year)" vinyl (New BreatheHeavy Video!)

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9 hours ago, SlayOut said:

I don’t understand why singles are pressed to vinyls. :beynah_beyonce_talking_telling_preaching: Like it’s only one song... :umsaywhat_adele_hmm_umm_thinking_confused_unsure: I don’t get it :hideous_um_zoom_hide_what_confused_scared:

When this started, there were no CDs. Just LP´s and cassettes. So they brought singles out on LP.CDs came out later in the 80s but just for the biggest artists and were really expensive not to mention the CD recorder. And I think today, they kept this tradition.

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14 minutes ago, Cinderella85 said:

When this started, there were no CDs. Just LP´s and cassettes. So they brought singles out on LP.CDs came out later in the 80s but just for the biggest artists and were really expensive not to mention the CD recorder. And I think today, they kept this tradition.

I see! It makes sense for the context when they were first out. For today, it seems odd since so many people have multiple ways to access music. But if they’re keeping a tradition alive then slay I guess!

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47 minutes ago, monkeystar88 said:

by boycotting are we really helping Britney? I mean I really want Festive and Ego and they are the only ones I don't have in my Britney Fragrance Collection 

Then get them. 

But the money is helping the conservatorship more than anything else. Britney gets a very small allowance. Her conservators are prioritized as well as some other potentially shady people. Britney said she wasn't working until at least her father was out of the conservatorship. Most of the recent britney stuff put out is likely for the benefit of conservator costs.

But go ahead and complete your fragrance collection. 

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Jordan, I'm sorry for the total ignorance, English is not my first language and I'm going to ask this out of total curiosity because I think it's really cute but you pronounce / enunciate the vowels in a very "elongated" way. is this some kind of accent from somewhere?


Ps - i dont understand the vinyls hype. I know it maybe makes sense to super fans but it impresses me how it has demand to have relevant sales? 

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23 hours ago, FreeLou said:

Welcome to Team Boycott :neydedance_purple: I think it’s really important the owner of such a huge Britney community is vocally against the brand. It’s a good video. 

I do wonder however, why do you think streaming is more acceptable than buying? Is it because the profit is higher or am I missing something? Because to me, even one cent for Team Cship is too much. 

Lol thank you. Re: streaming, Spotify pays one-third of a penny to one-half of a penny for each stream. It really does take a LOT of streams to make any kind of real revenue. 

More power to any fan that entirely stops streaming Britney's music, but I personally don't feel like that's fair to do to one's self. 🙏 It's important to keep celebrating her music and enjoying it imo. =]

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22 hours ago, IAmJustAKnee said:

@Jordan Miller Merry Christmas Eve Jordines, I'm glad you're Team Boycott but you're on your own with the draggings this time on Twitter, there's no way those Twitter peeps will watch that video and understand unfortunately :selenerz_selena_crying_tears_sad:

EDIT: I tried my best lol



Lol I could become a monk and Twitter will still drag me. "He BeCaMe A mOnK aNd TuRnEd HiS BACK oN BrItNeY."  :sponge_spongebob_sarcastic_meme_sarcasm:

I take a deep breath before signing onto Twitter lol

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18 hours ago, FreeLou said:

You’ve earned it! Your videos are great and I applaud that you have the balls to speak your mind and even for that Curb Your Conservatorship video. Most of us are vocal about the cship, but none of us have actually been approached with legal letters and pink hats (yet). :slayde_meme_red_glam_neyde_neydeney_britney: So I really don’t take it for granted that you still have the courage to speak up.

As for the streaming thing, I worry that the streaming numbers might send the wrong message. It’s perfectly possible to listen “illegally” without supporting them, so I’m not sure I understand why it’s icky? Actually curious, not cynical. Also, all these “small” profits add up when millions stream multiple times. 

Streaming seems more icky to me. As a fan since 1998, it just feels like such a violation of her basic rights. I can’t stream with a clear conscience. 

Regarding the retraction thing, I felt like something needed to be said. None of the other media outlets are going to want to put in the energy to fight it. It's way easier to remove the article per their request and pretend like nothing happened. Totally understand that.

Thing is, that's what's been going on with Britney for FAR too long and I just couldn't sit idly. So I technically did what they asked, but I think it honestly it opened Pandora's box. Now fans are showing receipts of her indeed being present around that time. If she wants to split hairs and say she didn't play a role in its creation because she wasn't physically in the room or part of the court proceedings fine. She was there around the family and it's clear (in my opinion) she had some influence over how the situation unfolded. 

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