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What would Britney's career look like if she had her own way?

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I'm betting this has already been asked but I'm too lazy to look at older posts, oops xoxo

Ever since the "news" (more so unconfirmed speculation) that Britney wants to retire post c-ship, a lot of people have been saying for years that she never really wanted a long career, or at least wanted to be as active as she has been since 2008 to early 2019. She has said it a lot in her early years: perform, settle down, kids, dance teacher, perform again, etc.

I know a lot of people ask "What would have happened without the knee injury?". But, to be realistic, she would've taken a hiatus after her prime anyway. Through 2004 (pretty much the whole ITZ era) she wasn't really having it. The break up with Justin was still lingering, there was the VMAs hype, and the elopement, and she really just wanted to settle down with...k*vin...and have kids.

Fine, let's say she never injured her knee. She finishes the tour, performs at the 2004 VMAs, then marries K-Fed and has the boys. I feel like the divorce would've happened in every possible universe, so that sucks, but let's just say for the purpose of this post she wasn't going out as much and wasn't attacked by paps and GP as much and stayed home to raise the kids. She works on Original Doll/Blackout (I know that a lot of people say her label shut down OD because it was too "revealing", and although I agree, I don't think she really would've gone through with a whole era once she found out she was pregnant -- maybe she would've done a Chaotic-like EP?) throughout her pregnancies and releases an album in 2007 (remember - in this universe the events of 2007 didn't happen). Has a tour, etc. 

I feel like after her fifth studio album (still would've been her magnum opus), she would take another break. Maybe pull an Adele and just release albums every couple of years, and do little activities in between. I feel like that's what she wanted to do, maybe even retire. I feel like at that point when she was still in her 20s she still loved making albums and performing but hated how she never had a break, so if she had control she could release projects every couple of years and just raise her kids in between. But I digress, that didn't happen, but maybe someday soon she'll have control...

To sum it all up, I feel like Britney would've had a better time with a career more like Jessica Simpson (minus newlyweds). Jessica was a main pop girl during Britney's peak and did relatively well (5 top 40 singles and 3 albums that sold over a million copies from 1999-2004), but never reached her commercial or popular heights, and although she still has celebrity status now, she's able to raise her kids and her team isn't forcing her to work. If Brit hadn't reached so much fame during her peak maybe her team wouldn't have pushed her to work so much because there wouldn't be much to gain from it. 

But maybe she still could've had the same peak from 1999-2004, huge peak and all, and still had a happy life post-prime if the people working with her weren't as money hungry. Anyways, LLJ's sentence should be to manage Jamie Lynn's country career for all eternity and Britney's fanbase should buy out Britney's contract, since we're the only ones who just want her happy, even if that means retirement.

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I think if she hadn’t lost custody of her kids/2007 that she probably wouldn’t have released an album at all. I think blackout was a distraction from being away from her kids. Maybe big maybe she might have recorded stuff, but I couldn’t really see her touring or anything major like that when her boys were little because she had talked about how important it was to be there watching her babies grow. Which she missed while being forced to work. 

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It's so hard to say because part of me feels like she would have stopped making music after Blackout. But I also know she loves what she does and she has said before that she loves working - some people are just like that. She might have gone in the direction of Glory more which is more experimental for her and less commercial. She seemed very proud and more involved in that album than her more recent albums.

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