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Jamie Lynn promoting the hundreds' collection


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Shes just shameless. She doesnt seem close to Britney and I think she seems jealous of Britney, but she will promote anything that benefits Lou and Jamie, isnt that sick? Ur sister doesnt promote this **** bc she clearly doesnt want anything with it and doesnt approve of, but u just doesnt care about her feelings and wishes bc daddys and second mom's pockets are more important even tho they are using Britneys name and image for that? I have no words for that snake :trash_throw_away_recycle:


she loves Bolsonaro and Cruella bc shes just cruel like them, she doesnt care about Britney and only sees her as a cash cow even tho her big sis gave her the world. What an ungrateful pile of **** shes :sickofu_britney_blinking_umm_wtf_confused_annoyed:

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7 minutes ago, Buffybot said:

But now with Lou out of Britney busin... Oh wait. :cheersney_britney_flames_pink_fire:


Lol just wait for it, BeSsEmEr WiLl cHaNgE eVeRyThInG oNcE tHeY aRe In  :matches:

She even put her daughter to promote that cheap brand, she has no shame :drag_tiffany_ny_new_york_miss_ms_fight_pull_push_mad:

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2 minutes ago, Stefani said:

"Jamie Chynn" is fitting because she looks like the Crimson Chin. :billie_eilish_green_chuckle_cackle_lol_lmao_haha_hehe_laugh: 



 Btw how shady is the fact that Crimson Chin was played by Jay Leno? Its like calling Juno to be the voice for Buzzlight year? :chershade_red_wig_oh_hair_hmm:

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24 minutes ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

Wow, that’s low. I get that she’s got a life and children to support, but come on. It’s tasteless.  :wtf_britney_what_confused_um:   :parisok_hilton_chewing_gum_pink_phone_Reading:

The cship pays for her flights (there are court docs about it), so I doubt her daddy wouldnt give her money If she needed. Shes doing that bc she sides with Jamie and Lou, its plain simple. She thinks Lou is helping her with her "career", Maddie and whatever and she has always been daddys little girl. I guess Britney can rot for her tho. 

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2 hours ago, alienatedNey said:

So they couldn’t get Britney to promote it and got this cheap version of her instead?

Lol it seems so simple. You would think the artist would promote their own product...oh wait :receipts2_britney_um_browsing_browse:

They can't make it any more obvious she doesn't support any of this. And Jl is :trash_throw_away_recycle:

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You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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5 hours ago, MyahJeanSpears said:

Don't you know? He spoke to Jamie Lynn so that means everything is good to go regarding this collection! 


What I really want to say about Jamie Lynn, I'll have to keep to myself. :taylor_swift_evil_smile:

Just saying to try to be on our best behavior not just for exhale but for Britney as well. We really need to be careful what we say or it could be used against Britney since she’s claiming we are threatening her and it’s why Britney hasn’t spoken herself because she knows her words can get twisted . Believe me it’s tempting even for me but yeah that woman is unpredictable. 

Britney is definitely saving everything for the big battle

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