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After 2020, Britney’s damage control before B10…


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This is no surprise, uhm... the last 2 years have been the more damaging to Britney’s musical legacy in her career. Right now, with the legal battle with her father and the ongoing conservatorship for more than 12 years and counting, and that article from OK! Magazine, as a fan base we have come to the knowledge that Britney herself doesn’t have artistic freedom anymore or the control when it comes to her own musical releases, and that her record label (RCA) and her father are making the decisions about her album releases and producers, among others ****ty situations like using a cover art that Britney didn't approve or release unfinished tracks without her knowledge.

I just hope that the conservatorship ends on September 2021.


But, before that, if Britney gets to work with a proper team and regain control of her career, she could pull off a few of these strategies to repair her career, before B10 is released.


Step 1:     EP’s by Britney Spears:

With previously unreleased songs.

1)      “The Original Doll” EP. With 6 songs.

2)      “The Circus Sessions” EP. With 6 songs.

3)      “Glorious” EP. With 6 sons.

4)      “Domination” EP. With 6 songs.


Step 2:     Reissue/Re-recording of the ‘Britney Jean’ album.

1)      With an organic sound mix with acoustic instrumentation, and no collaborations from the original studio version.

2)      Original version of the “Perfume” music video is released.

3)      Includes a “Passenger (Remix)” feat. Katy Perry, with a live recording type of music video. Released as a promotional single.


Step 3:     B10 is released in December 2021, as a surprise album (or in 2022, after her father is out of the Conservatorship and/or Britney is indeed free/elimination of the Conservatorship).  

-          With a new single with a music video already filmed and released the same day of the album.



What do you guys think about these ideas?!?

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There’s no way that they’d reissue a whole album - but 3 EPs and releasing both scrapped music videos (Perfume and Make Me) could do the trick. Make the third EP studio versions that fans vote on and let her go out in a blaze of #Glory. 

I have my own plans for a project that is going to be pitched to the label, but we’ll see. Wouldn’t be for a couple years. 

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I like the ideas. I do think in a perfect world Britney Jean would be redone and rereleased., but I don't think it'll happen.  I have a feeling if it was redone the media would tear her apart. Imagine how many headlines would have "Britney Didn't Sing Her Own Album". The GP would diminish her legacy even more. 


One way to get past all of that would be to rerecord her past albums as part of a collector's bundle... that way it wouldn't look so strange that only one album has new vocals. 

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Once this whole nuisance (Britney not performing until she has some level of basic civil rights) for deserving fans who show nothing but support by buying everything they can I hope there are HUGE CHANGES. 

She needs a manager who can keep her schedule packed promoting and creating a whole visual album/surprise release. 

she needs to work with strong producers.  Ones that will incorporate their vision and the hottest technology to make her sound current so We can have a radio hit!!!!!


choreographers that make her rehearse like she used to when they pushed her passed her limits. We NEED danceney!!!!


also a new makeup artist/ hair stylist/ wardrobe stylist. She might feel comfortable or have her own style but we need her to be primeney at all these pubic events. 

once she’s free and in control of her self hopefully she’ll start listening to what the fans have been expecting from her. What matters most is that she works on the perception of herself. 

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Well, first, she needs to decide whether to continue or leave the music industry.

If she decides to stay, I wish she throws away all of her past work and start over with something fresh and new. Yes, her music legacy is amazing but IM DONE with her label and her team giving Britney the nostalgia-act treatment. Yes BOMT, OOPS, SLAVE, TOXIC and many more are amazing and iconic tracks but remaining stuck in the past hasnt let her move on with new material.

Many say she did promote Glory but the reality is that she actually promoted the Vegas show 90% of the time. That same nostalgia treatment stops her from promoting her new work. I wish we could have had a live performance of most of Glory tracklist but that didnt happen thanks to the POM show. 

Summing everything up, she needs to rebrand herself as an artist. Saying and arguing of how much artistic control she will have after the c-ship is just pointless because as long as she belongs to a record label, she will never have 100% control of her work. 

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Rereleasing an old album would damage her career even more imho, it's like saying "yes I released this album but it wasn't anything I actually wanted to reach the shelves". I mean... It's like confirming it was a joke. 

No... she needs to focus on something new, change image and bury the past. 

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13 hours ago, KindlyBad said:

Why would she revisit material that was created for her when she lacked all freedom (artistic and personal)? Britney probably hasn't thought about Britney Jean since 2014, and IF she ever records again she'll want to explore new ideas instead of rehashing decade old music. 


Alanis Morrissette did something like this, she re-released an acoustic version of "Jagged Little Pill".


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Um... I don't think Britney cares about her career at this point, she achieved like everything in music industry, she has tons of iconic moments, tons of hit songs, she's a legend. It's been 22 years, literally like everyone would be bored and tired of being on the top and in this game, right? She clearly cares mostly about her family and that's totally understandable and of course she isn't in her teenage years or 20s anymore. She gave us 9 albums that have in my opinion the best songs I've ever heard. I feel full tbh. Maybe because I'm a fan of her only for a year and I don't feel that umm need for something new from her. I don't think she will quit music fully. She said once from what I remember that people controling her make this passion for music go away. I guess that passion will come back to her when she has freedom cause music is a good way for expressing feelings, yourself etc. But first she has to be free otherwise I don't want any new music from her. 

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2 minutes ago, BabkaAutorka said:

Um... I don't think Britney cares about her career at this point

Watch some interviews of her talking about Glory, it was clear she LOVED working on that album. It's entirely possible that she'd want to create and write again. 

There has been all these "sources" claiming she wants to retire but we've all seen her Instagram, as interesting as her videos are, she LOVES performing and dancing. She may take a long hiatus but i don't see her ever really giving it all up.  

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