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Britney Spears reportedly wants to terminate the conservatorship then retire from the music industry

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She is not retiring! This has been in NEWS since she signed-up for X-Factor. Then Residency comes up and everyone was like Britney will retire with some Residency shows. She is just saying because she want all these lawyers to see her as a poor investment and leave her conservative.  Once she is free, she will comeback with Bangers. 

She doesn't have to commit for long term contracts as Vegas residencies. Also her sons are growing old now. She know in like 4 years they will go to college and make thir own career. She might want another baby or so. But she will not retire. She has a lot to say, write and perform. I am sour artist in her is wanting her to do more

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8 hours ago, Bundy said:

They will probably stall with a load of bs. 

In 7 years of the cship she made almost 300m according to Forbes. I mean, why is her state forever under 60m even after 13 years of the cship? When she made 64 millions in 2009 alone??? When Britney lives with a ******* allowance and wears the same shorts all the time. She also is one of the few A list celebs who lives in a mansion that costs less than 10m. She doesnt live like a Kardashian. I could go on and on. 

This may be because of the tax obligations. They are only disclosing her estate in the US, not the homes and other real estate investments overseas. As per the tax laws the c-ship need to disclose the estate in the US and any other income across ($$) the world. It doesn't include the real-estate investments. Lets be a bit realistic, she has a team of world class Lawyers and Accountants, they will only disclose what is required by the law, not what she has.  

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41 minutes ago, SUPERJACK said:

Dear Brit,

I don’t know what your contractual obligations are, but I do hope you can settle out them. The industry is all about money so if you can get them off your back by paying your way out I say go for it. Speaking for myself, you’ve already given me everything to hold you forever in my heart. I can’t even describe how much your overall health and wellness means to me.

 I just wish we could hear it from you and not on your behalf like it’s been for the past 12+ years. I want what you want. But your camp makes it so freaking hard to understand exactly what that is. If this includes B10, wonderful! I’m buying 10 copies for myself and everyone I know. If not, that’s cool too! You are loved no matter what. Stay strong. 


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As long as she's happy, I'm happy for her too. It's been ages since we've seen her truly happy and passionate about something, so I think she eventually deserves some privacy and family time.

It might sound a little selfish, but all I would ask her to give us, as a last memory, is her point of view on this whole conservatorship, being it in a musical way, or written way. I just would love to know her personal thoughts on all of this.

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2 hours ago, Tear the floor up up said:

I'm not going to pretend that I understand how these things work - but I'm wondering if she were to be 'freed' that she could potentially be exempt from some contracts; arguing that she didn't consent to 'signing' them in the first place

Contract is a contract.  It’s legally binding and the label isn’t going to let her out of him.  They don’t care. 

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I personally don’t think she is going to retire. I know she’s been through a lot and she’s taking time out for herself right to figure out this Cship drama, but I do feel in my gut she still has at least 1 more album left in her, if not more. She has said numerous times over the years that she loves what she does and fans literally speculate retirement after every era. I personally will be happy either way. Britney has given us soooo much material in the past 20 years. Sometimes it’s good to take a pause and be thankful for what she has already given to us. We have 9 studio albums, several greatest hits albums, 2 remix albums, 3 EPs, stand-alone singles, 50 plus unreleased songs which is worth 3-4 more albums in itself, 10 concert tours, countess various performances, 40 plus music videos, tv shows, photo shoots, commercials, perfumes, games, clothing lines, etc. When you really stop and think about it, she has given us so much in the past 20 years, it’s really amazing if you think about it! 

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17 hours ago, Puppy said:

Britney never retires, she might feel burnt out but she genuinely loves doing this so she would miss it and return. She’s been saying that for a long time and yet she keeps coming back with an album or project. She loves music 

I agree. It seems she loves her vacations and breaks like all of us, but i feel like its her home away from home to be with her dancers, which shes said is like 2nd fam, and being creative.

but who really knows but her. Shes gotta deal with so much bs & rude *** people, but at the same time shes one of the biggest survivors for real, which is why shes one of the legends. And we take care of our legends ☝🏽😘😘❣️ Love her. 

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11 hours ago, MyahJeanSpears said:


“Britney loves to perform and she loves her fans, but her life revolves around her boys and her family,” said the family source. “As for her career, there have been ups and there have been downs, but she is in a place where she is fondly looking back at her 20 years in the industry. And that’s why she is ready to pack it up for good once she has completed her work obligations, reached an agreement with the record label, and wrapped up her residency [which has been on hiatus indefinitely].


i thought Vegas said Domination was cancelled, not on hiatus ??


i dont know anymore. it would be a shame to stop 1 album away from her 10th album. Even if she just dropped it one day just as a free gift to her fans and she did no promo whatsoever.


im so thankful now i finally got  to see her live in 2018 as if i didnt, gawd knows if i would ever see her live

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