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Q as folk aged badly


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In 2000, a groundbreaking show aired on showtime called queer as folk. 


The show aged badly, from their views on straight men, several conversations put good people as the people who bully them. 


As Group leader Brian Kinney said. "They're all the same, they pretend to be your friends,  and behind your back they show their true colors". 


Even Justin who was gay bashed refused to forgive the person who did it, though it was wrong.  


The guy said, you kept flaunting it, it made a lot of us mad and uncomfortable and you bringing your boyfriend to the prom was just the final straw. 


I know you can't help it, but it's not about you. You guys don't understand that a time and place for everything..


Keep it to yourself at school, everything would be fine. 


Justin even told his teacher, I'm that F.  You love to hate ,so f u. 


The whole show is problematic  .

Even how they handled drug addiction. 


Emmett told his friend Ted, you say you're gonna fix yourself, but you know you dont believe in yourself,  so you won't seek the help you absolutely need. 


To even having the one gay seeking his forever prince charming,  from the mom that adopts everybody and is way too in the hag status. 


It represents the older community,  and unfortunately it's the only show that actually portrayed the gay community accurately even if this community actually aged badly In real representations as well..


Here's a 16 minute video of the first season.


There was also no blacks represented and the lesbian couple felt very token and not appreciated.  


The L word was a better representation. 



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2 hours ago, Alestaos said:

You forgot to add these points: -

  • These are just your opinions
  • Your looking back at a TV show created in 2000 through 2020 eyes. There are numerous shows from the past which could be the same
  • The show helped a lot of people back then, allowing them to have some semblance of "there like me"
  • Were in 2020 and theres still shows that have "problematic" content or content to attach to a "token" stereotype
  • "There are no blacks" -  As you said it was made in 2000, real integration of races in TV shows has only become mainstream in the last 10years.
  • "Portrayed the gay community accurately" - Maybe the 2000 community, but if you think that now again its just your opinion


Pin on boards and words


THIS! :meryl_streep_point_yas_yes_meme_proud:

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I honestly don’t know what you were trying to accomplish with this post.


The show itself was great and rather than “bashing” it for being dated, you should celebrate its creation in the first place during a time where being openly gay was even more taboo than it is now. 

Perhaps those characters weren’t real for you, but they were real for others and continue to be for a newer generation. 

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  • 2 months later...

The show is perfectly fine and better than 99.9% of stuff on TV today. I still love Brian lol. And you mentioned The L Word, well ppl ALWAYS trash it as ‘problematic’, can’t win with these ppl so whatever. Also the new reboot of The L Word is absolutely atrocious, I shudder to think how bad a QaF reboot would be. The originals of these shows were ground breaking and gave representation like never before. The only thing I’d say about QaF is perhaps it’s icky to have had 17 year old Justin (15 year old in the UK original) hooking up with 29 year old Brian, they could have made it about someone in their early 20s instead of teenager but whatever, I still love the show.

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