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Dua Lipa drops 'Future Nostalgia' Moonlight Edition & "We're Good" music video


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We're Good :receipts2_britney_um_browsing_browse:

If It Ain't Me :melt_weird_drift_wow::yesplease_yas_agree_preach:

That Kind of Woman :neydedance_purple:

Not My Problem :ugh_britney_disgust_gross_ew::nonono_britney_nope_head_shake::nydisgust_miss_new_york_tiffany_gross_pollard_ew:


Was really excited for this release. Love love loved the standard album. My favorite album of 2020. Definitely disappointed with the choice of songs that were included versus what was cut. 

FN was such a cohesive piece, I'm kind of bummed with what she's doing to it.


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Thoughts on the new songs!

We’re Good -  It’s catchy and a bit of a bawp although it doesn’t really fit the sound of the rest of the album to me? I think it will grow on me though. Hopefully the video’s good!

If It Ain’t Me - A WHOLE BAWP!!!! I love the disco inspired sound of this track! They should have pushed this as a single imo instead of We’re Good. I guess I gotta listen to the Normani version though as I heard loads of people were pissed she was removed from the song.

That Kind Of Woman - Okay I had already heard the leak of this song because of the remix being included on Club Future Nostalgia... the remix is great although you can’t beat the original and I’m glad it’s now been officially released! I love the synthy 80 vibes of this one. Still bitter about Love Is Religion though :gloria_falling_stairs_trip:

Not My Problem - A bop!! I like the video game-esque instrumental and the final chorus is amazing. Shame the song is so short though dd.

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