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The Guardian says Dua Lipa "out Gaga’d Gaga and out Kylie’d Kylie." Do you agree?

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1 minute ago, Jordan Miller said:


Intersting. Idk I don't really get that vibe. I feel like you're onto something with Camila, but Dua is a huge star (and not hated by most unlike Camila unfortunately for her) 


I think it's right, i don't really hear her name , like obviously new rules had a huge success on the radio and then  the "i moved on already " song i forgot the name right now , but she's not being talked about for some reason , unlike Billie Eillish for example who seems to have more personality and presence and people are more likely to know her name ......


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If you want to get into the grammar of things, the author basically turned their names into verbs in the past tense: to stay (infinitive) - stayed (past) to try (infinitive) - tried (past

What does that even mean? I don’t see how Dua is similar to Gaga or Kylie in anyway besides being a woman in pop music. They all have their own brand/specialty that brings something to the table.

Why does Dua keep getting compared to Kylie?  Their voices are so different 

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4 hours ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:


Dua’s star power is a growing one, on can tell from the evolution she’s had in both her albums. Even if she doesn’t become a superstar, her craft speaks for her. When she started (Be The One, Hotter Than Hell) many outlets and critics recognized her.

Does she have the looks of a model? Yes. Is she more than a song and a talented woman? Oh hell yeah 

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Um, no. Do they ever say this about make artists? Are they ever like the weekend out michael’d Michael Jackson or Justin Bieber out Timberlake Justin Timberlake? No. 

I love Gaga and Dua, I like Kylie but I’ve just never been super into her. But like all 3 are COMPLETELY different to me. If anything, Dua gives me Cher vibes. Just because all 3 of them make dance pop music and are women? They’re voices are completely different. Dua can’t dance like Gaga or Kylie. Nothing about future nostalgia seems like it would be a Gaga album. I can maybe see a little bit of a Kylie comparison because it’s so leaning into Disco... but I mean, Kylie has been doing disco for years. While FN is def one of the best albums of the year, but I don’t think it’s like it had the impact with the gp like The Fame Monster or Born This Way had, I mean I still don’t think Dua is like a household name. She deserves to be, but I for sure don’t get Gaga vibes when I listen to FN...

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I hate how the media loves to pit women against women, especially in this case where they're comparing a relatively new artist to Kylie and Gaga. That said, Dua might've outperformed them, but I don't feel that she outdid their artistry or their legacies. She's just a shiny new toy for people to play with.

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4 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:


The Guardian published a piece ranking the top 50 albums of 2020. They claim that Dua Lipa "out Gaga’d Gaga and out Kylie’d Kylie."

I don't love the idea of pitting women against each other like this. All three had incredible albums. However, there is no denying that Dua had a pretty exceptional year (with no signs of slowing down rolling into 2021). 

What do you think? Did she out "Gaga" Gaga and out "Kylie" Kylie? :ineedthetruth_oprah_huh_um_thinking_confused_what_truth_stare:

Here's the excerpt:


She also out Katie’d Katy, out tailored Taylor, out Beyoncé’d Beyoncé and out Grande’d Ariana this year as well!

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1 minute ago, Adriannn said:

Oh no sis you need to hear more albums then... variety is much needed

The lyrics, "So, if you don't wanna see me dancing with somebody else", don't exactly sound like a masterpiece. :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

I would understand if she had a massive improvement but girl just got simple choreography that looks better. :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

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I can see some similarities between them but they are all in different lanes so I don’t get what they’re saying :watrusayin_britney_xfactor_confused_shocked_surprised_um_what:

Was Dua the “It” Pop girl? Yes and no. Shes young, hot and fresh to the game. It also helps that she delivered an infectiously good album.

Gaga at this point is a veteran and she also delivered a great album inspired by 90s house music. 

Kylie is an icon and went back to her roots with a great Disco album. 

All three kept Pop music alive when Trap music was dominating :umok_pursed_squint_well_okay:

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3 hours ago, ExXL said:

Maybe her album was more successful this year , i don't really know about terms of sales , but she already had her peak with new rules , and i don't see her being as big as lady gaga in her prime ? But yes , her last album was very good, i just wish it was more original and less sampled :shaktongue_shakira_red:

Don’t Start Now was a bigger hit than New Rules what do you mean? :roxxy:

                🍻Intoxicate me, I’m a lush🍻

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5 hours ago, Hooked-On-Knee said:


Future Nostalgia is a basic pop album that was done quite mediocrely, The Fame is an album released 12 years ago yet it's still remembered and Can't Get You Out Of My Head is a song that will forever be cemented in pop culture. :duadance_lipa_new_rules_green_pink_dancing:


Future nostalgia mediocre ? I beg to differ 

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