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RETRACTED PER REQUEST: Courtney Love says Lou Taylor almost put her in a conservatorship like Britney Spears': Britney looks damaged, they ****ed her up for life

Message added by Jordan Miller,

Britney Spears' former business manager sent BreatheHeavy a legal letter demanding we retract a story that was featured on BreatheHeavy and apologize within 24 hours or face legal action. The article included quotes from Courtney Love who shared her experience with Taylor, alleging Taylor tried putting her in a conservatorship similar to the one Britney Spears is currently entangled in and can't seemingly get out of.

Ms. Taylor via her legal counsel refute the following featured in the article below:

"1. My clients 'planned the conservatorship for Britney [Spears] with her father'"
"2. My clients 'tried' 'to put [Courtney Love] in a conservatorship too.'" 
"3. My clients 'made an attempt to control [Kurt Cobain’s] name and likeness and all [N]irvana songs (96 percent). Then sell the publishing.'"
"4. Ms. Love 'was successful at blocking [Lou Taylor]” and that “[Ms. Spears’] pack of wolves [referring to my client] almost killed [Courtney Love] and [her] only child [Frances Bean Cobain].'"

Taylor refutes this and wants you to know the following: 

"All of these statements are false and defamatory."
"The true facts are as follows:"
"1. Lou Taylor and Tri Star never represented Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, their daughter, or any entity affiliated with them.  Lou Taylor and Tri Star also never even had a single conversation or communication whatsoever relating to a possible conservatorship for Courtney Love.  They also have never even spoken to or communicated with Courtney Love ever."
"2. Lou Taylor and Tri Star also had nothing to do with the planning or creation of the conservatorship for Britney Spears.  They were hired to be Ms. Spears’ financial manager a year after that conservatorship had already been put in place."

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that per request we are retracting/amending this story and apologize for any distress they may have caused Ms. Taylor. It must be difficult to deal with thousands of people who adore Britney Spears and would go to great lengths to protect one of the most important, influential and iconic figures in pop culture.

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1 hour ago, Steel Magnolia said:

Brett worked for Lynn prior to the conservatorship, so now that time has gone by she might still be in contact with her.

As for Adnan...I'd have to think about that. Maybe the JFX guys still talk to him? Their website disappeared a few years ago, but I'm sure they're still around.

It's pretty easy to find Adnan on Instagram

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15 hours ago, sweetkiss said:

I saw that Courntey Love response to a fan, first of all Im grateful shes willing to speak up and glad shes in Europe (I thought since 2007 why britney not in europe?? ) 

and what she said is 100% truth. As we also heard and followed Lou pattern, she tried to do it with Lindsay, but she had dad to protect her, and I believe thats the resaon,

Lindsay is in Europe now. I think Courtney is 100% right about Britney and I feel so bad :( 


I remember seeing an interview from back in 2004 where she said she wanted to live in London... imagine how different everything would’ve been

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1 hour ago, void priestess said:

That's what I figured but idk enough about Courtney in general so I wanted to make sure. 

Do you know what she meant by chanting a lot to make lou go away? Is she meaning she actually does chanting exercises or what? I'm interested in that especially if it's a spiritual thing she does.


1 hour ago, lilhennythings said:

The chanting sent me not gonna lie :gloria_falling_stairs_trip: I think she does mean literally "chanting", like a mantra or something. Would be pretty on brand for Courtney. 


Yes, literally chanting. She´s into buddhism.



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We all need to keep speaking out. 

This could end bad, like death bad. 
She’s right, they really messed her up for life. 
I always say... There’s no way someone as big as Britney is/was to have her career the way it is now. 

Her team/handlers/media/general public have really ruined a genuine superstar who would have had a very long career.

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16 hours ago, ElenaB said:

wow this is huge. I feel terrible for Brit, God knows what they’ve done to her. This is so dark and scary, our girl seems to be trapped for life, and if she gets her freedom back, i doubt she will be ever be the same. It’s heartbreaking. This poor woman gave us the best years of her life working her *** off only to become a prisoner of her own success. 

A lot of brainwash, but this Lou woman is so crazy, i would not even be suprised if she did witchcraft or exorcism, she is that crazy. 

How is it possible that Britney went to rehab and never felt any better? Why this medicine-abuse? I totally understand that they wanted to rebrand Britney in the public eye with circus, but after that why so much work? 

I truly believe they want to silence her, about what? I don't know. 

+ Hollywood seems like a really small place, makes you think about the illuminati stuff again. 

Like how is that not suspicious that Lou wanted so many people in a conservatorship and only the people with money! 

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I'm not too familiar with local state politics as I'm not from the US but is there any California politician who is advocating for women's rights and has a background in law? Contact their social media too!

Journalists are all over social media, reach out to them as well. Annoy the hell out of them, they have an obligation to pick this up!!

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11 hours ago, Easy There said:

Same. Most of this base was attacking ppl and calling them conspiracy theorists etc etc. Untill court documents proved everything we have claimed.


Now they're calling us "boycotters" i'm a derogatory way lol... and I notice just how quiet those same people appear in this thread. But they'll pop up vehemently saying "look she posted about matches! Look Sam is so great!!! Loook look! I'm buying her vinyls!! Stupid boycotters!"


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