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If u were a STAR would you like to create an Onlyfans account ?

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9 minutes ago, lili_ballet said:

ill turn to santa!


got it

yes thats such a good solution to it

Santa can release you from any burden just write him a letter

we all know that youve been good or bad enough so that he can make your this Christmas wish true and pound Jesus to deep mud. would be blessing to many

just write him the wish : OH PLEAZE SANTA RELEASE MANKIND from the burdens of Christianity

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1 hour ago, GMFlop said:

Your kids are gonna end up embarrassed and bullied because of your videos. Waiting for that day to come. 




ok a lil offtopic but

humankind soon will be better. it just can't be this way (encountering bullying just cause parents show some body and even not so much as in usual ****) it just can't be this way after some time anymore

this day and age human kind is making transitions to the new state of being

all say world has got worse, but its not true. just because people can make their **** more easily on the display and its not prevented by so many restrictions doesn't mean somet hing is not cooking and being made for humans to explore themselves more and more, get more wisdom etc.

i just wanted to display this thought here too, just becuase people aren't afraid to bully more nowadays doesn't make them a worse person than say something going to school in 1950-s and thinking: damn id like to bully that boy/girl but i can't cause then severe actions and punishments against me are done.

plus i want to raise my children to really believe in themselves

of course it is the age of people showing their real nature too but in the end the bad people will end up getting their justice even more and be weakened so that they can basically not be so bold anymore. people who are not open to the principles of this age and what the positive plan from positive people is will just go more and more into a feeble nonmattering background. but they will still do the work needed.


i can't say of course i have proof of waht i say. but i'd say this is what i believe. with this disclaimer

maybe some people think similarily

i mean the thought that just because evil people can be more open with how bad they are doesn't mean they were less evil back in the day, that'd would show at least some potential to me to be true

i am under the impression that these days penalties in aynwhere would be more lenient and also - more possibilities to do harm

but i do think world has been put under hypnosis and some guys stand for the evil peeps to go down

i really don't wanna argue and defend my principles to no end here, but just wanted to share. PLEASE, don't kill the messenger of my little uncertain thoughts. just deal with it as i got a story to tell, okay hunny?

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yeah of course it is true that many things anyone can say are just their opinion ( it wouldn't make sense to me add that everywhere like a robot and my creative mind wouldnt exist), these are just my two cents on what makes sense to me

as XXXTENTACION says his purpose is to open minds (and even if his product is highly manufactured by dumbness of how artists are treated in the studio generally), i back in the head want to open , if just only my mind, but show my thoughts and have a ritual of sharing them, even if just opening my mind

BTW XXXTentacion, whom life maybe some of you really wanted to direct or show as what you wanted, is also a human. his name is Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy

you might say what you want, but i say remembering him says to me that i muthafaking care

i don't believe of making people guilty for eternity. i. simply. don't.

please don't offend me for my beliefs. i don't deserve it neither does he.

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