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Worst Single From Every Album: "Femme Fatale"


Worst Single From Femme Fatale  

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HIAM- amazing song, amazing video, amazing choreo that unfortunately she could never do live. It aged the worst out of all of them I feel and never made any impact after it’s #1 debut


TTWE- a big hit with in my opinion the best longevity and impact out of the three successful singles, a much simpler choreo compared to HIAM and a cute video that unfortunately has a body double. The only song that Britney acknowledged past 2013 and was used even in Domination Announcement 


IWG- a fan not-favorite... but actually one of my favorites, it was her biggest song on the radio and it was one of the first Britney videos I ever watched as a kid, cute video that didn’t focus on dancing for one of the few times and has cute Easter eggs and an acting moment. The performances tho.....:jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:


Criminal- surprisingly turned out to become her most longevity out of the FF singles (mainly cause of TikTok) it did terrible at the time and she never performed it unfortunately, the videos really good tho it really is something we never see from her, and perfume could’ve been similar if it wasn’t for her editing it..


out of the four I think HIAM is the worst even tho it gave her her last solo #1 it did nothing post-FF and I think the fact that TTWE is really similar of a song to HIAM overshadowed it in the future

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9 hours ago, MeAgainstTheMusic_ said:

FF as an album didn’t age all that well. I think for the time she picked good singles but Criminal was a bit random.

It’s a cool song and the video was good but I’d have gone with Inside Out, Up N Down, Gasoline or Don’t Keep Me Waiting. Anything from FF could have really been a single as it was all very radio friendly I guess.

Well the fans chose Criminal :otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad: Inside Out and Up N Down deserved to be singles. Dont Keep Me Waiting is in my top 3 from that album, but it was going to flop as a single :ohdear_britney_glory_dear,_fingers_hand_face_orange_hide_uh_oh:

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13 hours ago, bliss said:

Till The World Ends, it was a massive bop back then but it has aged a little bit. 9 years later Criminal still sounds as fresh and I only found out about Hold It Against Me and I Wanna Go when I started stanning in 2016 so they still sound great to me.

HIAM and I Wanna Go aged a little bit too, but TTWE aged badly. Criminal is the only single which aged like wine :selenerz_selena_crying_tears_sad:

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All of them are good singles for one reason or another.  Criminal could have been huge if it was promoted properly and done well.

I’m picking IWG, because the song is def not my fav and I actually hate the music video, simply because of the car scene with the ugly bikini top and her crazy morphing body.  The editing to her body was done so poorly and was unnecessary.

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9 hours ago, Peter Pan said:

FF aged horribly and as much as I loved IWG back then, it's definitely my least favorite out of these 4. I still like FF at parties or in summer but I don't listen to it as much as I did back in 2011-2014. 


True, even tho I love the album (I even won the FF round on the Slayer's megarate :cuteidk_britney_excited_laugh_yes_yas_happy_smile:) it aged like milk. The songs are amazing, but they just scream 2011. It has some songs which aged good like Criminal for example, but most of the album sounds dated 

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I voted Criminal. Even at the times of its release I thought it was bland and Un-Britney (both lyrical concept and music video).

Even if FF as a whole is "dated", HIAM and Drop Dead Beautiful makes me nostalgic in an instant. The whole Dubstep craze circa 2011-2013 (?) is reflected in that HIAM breakdown.

If not Criminal then I would've picked TTWE simply because the 2012 doomsday theory references were everywhere for a short while and aged real fast (as in, february 2013) lol

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