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Make Me Original Video Deep Dive

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That's a great interpretation, good job! However, as you've pointed out yourself, we should bear in mind that these are only different random scenes compiled together and it's just a glimpse of David's vision, who knows what he and Britney were having in mind? :ehidk_britney_um_eek:

Nevertheless, you tried to make sense of everything that we've got so far and although I find it a bit of a stretch at times, I too choose to believe that they were going for a more artistic/meaningful video than what it seems to be from the different clips at first glance.:wink_britney_everytime_white:

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

In case someone is not aware, Britney's Vault (www.instagram.com/britneysvault) released the rough cut of the original "Make Me" video in the highest quality I've seen so far, and it's mesmerizing to watch honestly. You can download it from their Insta profile (check the link in the bio, and then look for the link at the bottom of the file... not to mention there is other incredible material in there!!)

PS: Have you guys seen this website link at the bottom of the eviction note? Has it always been there??: https://www.roofcrashersandhemgrabbers.com/

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This is actually a really good analogy and I think a lot of it puts perspective on the video. It also puts perspective on Britney's artistic side (as well as David's). It also makes sense why they banned it, this would have been a career highlight. It would've definitely put her back on the map too. 


I actually think a lot of this analogy is metaphorically correct, some things are far fetched. What if the tiger/beast represented her dad? However a lot of this seems actually pretty sound and it actually seems quite brilliant IMO.


"It didn't make sense"- Larry. Yeah, because it was calling y'all out. She felt trapped.

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9 hours ago, studlygeorge said:

Hi everybody! Recently I’ve been wanting to do a deep dive and in-depth look at David LaChapelle’s unreleased Make Me video. His video has always fascinated me and like many of us my interest grew even more when more photos from the previously-unused album photoshoot were released. My interest piqued ESPECIALLY when a certain LQ photo from the same shoot leaked. It inspired me to go back and watch the video again now that I have more context with the recently released pictures. This is my personal analysis of the video and what the meaning behind certain things could have been. This post is purely my own speculation and observation and in no way am I stating it as fact. Enjoy!


Our video starts off with Britney canoodling with a love interest. Our girl is whisked away by someone from her team to film a highly ***ualized video. Britney wears a barely there outfit while dancers grind on and around her. I find this part of the video to be metaphorical in the sense that Britney’s career is highly ***ualized and always comes first before her personal life ie the love interest.

The director calls cut to the video, wrapping up for the day. Britney and her love interest hop into a sports car with Brit driving (do I really need to point out why this part is incredibly ironic?) the two drive out of the sound stage and into the desert. As the two drive through the desert and into the suburbs, Hans Zimmer’s score “Remember” from The Lion King plays. While many assume this to just be placeholder music (considering this video is an unfinished rough cut), I wouldn’t doubt if the choice for this score was entirely intentional. For those who haven’t seen The Lion King or for those who simply need a refresher, during the “Remember” scene Simba is visited by his father’s apparition, who urges him to remember his roots and take back his kingdom that has since been taken over by his cruel uncle and his vicious army of hyenas. In this video, is it possible that Britney is ready to take back something that was taken from her?

Britney and her beau arrive at her home which has an eviction posted on the front door, reading, “The tenants Adam and Eve have been found in volition of Eden Resident Conduct Statue. 1.16 and are hereby ordered to vacate the premises immediately. Failure to complete may result in civil penalties up to and including death by flaming sword.” I find this part of the video significant because Eve committed sin and now has to give up her paradise life in the Garden of Eden. When the video first leaked, many, myself included, assumed Britney and her beau ignore the posted message and retire into the house. With new context given to the video through a leaked photo, it is now apparent that the house is Britney’s punishment and the outside world is her own paradise. What was once her own paradise, a place where she can go to enjoy her own privacy and retire from show business is now her very prison. The eviction notice is pasted on her front door, serving as a constant reminder that she is being punished. For those unaware of which leaked photo I’m talking about, it is this one which shows Britney is chained to a house. I assume this picture to be a still from a missing scene from David LaChapelle’s cut of the music video, which has ironically since become the Glory album cover which conveniently removes an otherwise very strong message.


When the video first leaked, many assumed the next couple scenes were the product of a messily cut video. While this very well be the case, I’m going to assume these next scenes were intentional: When Britney left the music video shoot, she puts on a large denim jacket, covering up her revealing stage outfit. Britney is still wearing this jacket when she arrives home and when she reads the eviction notice, however when she walks into her prison home she is seen wearing skimpier outfits, the jacket that she used to cover herself with for her own dignity and comfort now missing. The outfits change sporadically, almost like she’s putting on a show with 6 or 7 costume changes. Dancers are all throughout her house, signifying there is a constant show going on around her. Adam and Eve were banished to Earth, where they had to live out their life paying for their punishment. In this case, Britney pays for her punishment where she is constantly at work. The very thing she drove away from is now plaguing her own home.

In a small but incredibly impactful scene, we see a leopard is living in the house. When Britney and her beau saw the eviction notice, she gawked and seemed heavily annoyed. She doesn’t, however, seem to bothered by the literal beast roaming around her house. Britney puts out a bowl of food and feeds the beast before she goes upstairs. A TV plays Britney’s video while the beast feeds from the milk Britney gave it. Britney remains on the TV in front of the beast, almost as though it’s watching her.


While Britney is upstairs in her workout room, she continues to be surrounded by her dancers. The TV in the room plays a workout ad before the screen blacks out. I interpret this scene two ways, both very similar in message: The ad is the only thing being shown to Britney, her life filled with constant ad placement and potential profit. In one way I took the scene, she chose to turn off the ad. In another, this is the only thing shown to her before the TV turns off, the blank TV signifying isolation and disconnect from the world. While I believe either may be the case, it is fact that Britney chooses to reject the scenario altogether and throw the TV out the window and into the pool. This act seemingly kills her love interest as he was swimming in the stars pool at the time.

Despite the apparent death of her love interest, the show must go on. Britney is locked in a cage, completely exposed, only covered by a pair of panties and red body glitter (blood?), performing at the site of the death of her lover. It almost seems like her own mistakes are being monetized and she’s forced to market off her darkest moments and/or being forced to ignore her issues for the sake of performing.

In a bizarre twist of events, Britney is now alone in a room with G-Eazy. Britney’s back is turned the entire time and we never see her face. The shot then turns into a POV as we witness the two have ***. We witness this scene with seemingly no sense of control. It’s weird and raunchy, and that seems to be the very intention: to make you uncomfortable. I find the use of never seeing Britney’s face interesting. While her music video was **** and a bit racy, that was all in name of a performance. Here, in her prison, that now seems to be a recurring theme, except it’s now looking more apparent that she doesn’t get to choose when she wants to be **** and when she doesn’t. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t get much choice at all. She just comes home to feed the beast.

Once his verse ends, we find Britney at the poolside, breathing life back into her lover through CPR (lol). The two hug and embrace, the lover seemingly forgiving Britney for her mistakes which in turn harmed him; however, we must ask ourselves if Britney really harmed him or if it was her suffocating situation? Regardless, the two escape the house and bulldoze it. Britney and her lover share one last kiss in the destruction of her mortal prison, this time once again wearing the jacket she chose to cover herself up with, only revealing a little bit of the skimpy outfit in this private and liberating moment with her lover.

Unseen in the video, but seen in the photoshoot for the recently released vinyl is a photo of Britney with a destroyed car behind her as she sits surrounded by mirrors in the same skimpy outfit from the music video scene. She’s wearing sunglasses, seemingly to protect her vision from the bright reflection of what might be intended to be her punishment: to be surrounded with constant reminders of her mistakes.



While we have yet to see David LaChapelle’s cut of the video and more pictures from the shoot (and not ones edited by Team B), I still find that there is tons of meaning packed into this video despite being heavily edited by Britney’s team. Many in this fanbase don’t like this video because of how hyper-***ualized and “raunchy” it is, which I can understand to a degree. I do, however, find that those people are missing the point of the video: Britney’s life is hyper-***ualized and has been since she was 17. I believe the intention of the video was to highlight Britney’s lack of control in her personal and professional life. I believe points of the video to be metaphorical in how her past mistakes have influenced her private life ie her home feeling like a prison, affecting personal and romantic relationships, a dangerous beast whom she has to come home to feed, etc.


I hope you enjoyed my analysis of the video and thank you for reading, I know it’s a long post. Please your thoughts and opinions!


What are your thoughts on this video? What messages do you take away from it?



i love literature :nynod_miss_new_york_ms_nodding_yes_yas_agree:

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For me, I just saw it as a contrast between good and evil. Or reality vs. illusion/fantasy. She makes several references to that (e.g., basement = underground world). I got the sense she’s trapped in her own personal hell, which she may be making parallels in her own actual celebrity life. With the song, she sees love as her way of refuge and freedom while taking steps to build that refuge on Earth (e.g. Heaven on Earth). Again, we see that as breaking down her home (current circumstances/existence) and building it back up again. Home is where the heart, as cheesy as that is. Except, Britney pairs it with hot dancers :wink_britney_everytime_white:

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Great analysis. :wink_britney_everytime_white:

Btw I have a theory too. I think the TV's around the house were supposed to start playing the G-Eazy scene implicating that she no longer has privacy because she looks devastated that everyone around her sees her private life and tries to cover the TV. Then she tries to take control on her own hands and throws the TV out of the window and suddenly she is on a cage. So she ended up hurting the one that was closest to her AND had her freedom taken away. Also notice how the Soundstage Britney is suddenly looking insecure and avoids direct eye contact with camera while these scenes play. 


She really tried to give us another symbolic and metaphorical video like HIAM but her team tried to destroy her vision as always. 

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