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"The Dark Truth about Sam Asghari"

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The more I get to know him, the more I dislike him plus, i think, Brit aint leaving his ***, because she will be all alone then, it makes me sad... i hope, that when the c-ship will end, she

I do think he obviously benefits from Britney's fame, but anyone in her life will have a magnifying glass on them. It is what it is.  But I think he genuinely cares about her and also realizes she has

Britney not supporting/promoting Matches when he did told me all I need to know about him  My grammar is as trash as his *** 

Just now, Stannedforever said:

I'm sorry but videos like these are nothing but frustrating and annoying. I don't like Sam personally and there is certainly things about him that makes him certified ******* and I feel like he's spineless manchild that obeys Jamies wishes but the "evidences" in this video like Sam "strangling" Britney in that instagaram photo or forcing her to smile in videos are nothing but hilarious to me. Also the fact that majority of the fanbase jumped on conclusion that he's paid ""chef"" after instagram account with 3 followers called "INVESTIGATE_SAM_ASGHARI" posted edited photo of redacted court document saying so... :xcuseme_mad_say_what_hmm_confused:

I feel like he's just another Kevin, fame hungry BF and pretty *******, nothing new in Britney's boyfriend history tbh. Hence why I don't want to jump on neither side (defending him or hating him) before we get more evidence about him.  :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand:

Thoughts on his Valentine's day OR scam ? Or when he applauded her stay in psych war knowing that James forced her there for months ? :pretends_shocked_wow_rihanna_surprised:

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Just now, Jordan Miller said:

I do think he obviously benefits from Britney's fame, but anyone in her life will have a magnifying glass on them. It is what it is.  But I think he genuinely cares about her and also realizes she has basically no one in her life that she can trust / turn to so he has a lot on his shoulders in that sense. 

I can't stand him. But deep down I genuinely hope he works in her best interests and is not using her. Because if he is James pawn indeed that is gonna crush her.

And I am gonna loose my **** on him. 

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Wait... So not only a few fans from here thinks Scam is an Scam? What a shock:pieceofwhat_britney_awkward:

Glad more people are waking up, gotta love GP. Already liked the video hours ago.

I fear Britney possibly is way too codependent, since last year they gave me strong abusive relationship vibes. The gym video is far from normal and interesting enough It was the last video of Britney working out. Remember how she used to love the gym (even after the burned out story)?

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4 hours ago, LLuvia said:

And as you justify his comment "It isn't a weakness, it's a sign of absolute strength, people should be inspired by this, at least I Am" ?.  These were his exact words.

How can you justify that he commenting with multiple hearts on the "Me Time" post?.

How can you justify that he repost that post?.

How do you justify that he was in I think it was in Toronto doing paid promo for Britney's team, while she was in a mental facility?.

How do you justify him putting a past story on Instagram for Valentine's Day, while she was in a mental facility or somewhere else ?:

How can you justify that while she was in a mental facility he even put a post on Instagram about them (I think it was kiss day and another was a collage of a Fan)?.

How do you justify the day Easter and their departure from the hotel and the day of the hairdresser that by chance a girl from his agency found a Britney and upload a photo of her in a hairdresser?.

How can you justify that Sam acted as he acted in this way when she was in a mental facility against her will?.

- Now I go with the superficial lies ...

How do we justify the day of the phone where she wanted to do a live on Instagram  and Sam took her phone away quickly and violently?.
How do we justify the video training and him saying "smile"?.
How do we justify that she does not have access to their social media and Sam always comments as if she had access to her social media?.
How do we justify the thousands of articles by saying that he and her father have an excellent relationship?.
How do we justify when he says that he is the Manchester City Fitness coach?.
How can we justify him saying that he has played football when they even had to deny it?.
How do we justify Sam promoting "Matches" when she doesn't want to, of course, he did it without her being there?.

exactly. this, all this! 

there's just so much sketchiness going on. Shocked Surprised GIF by Wendy Williams - Find & Share on GIPHY

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