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TikTok bans Perez Hilton: "this feels like a death to me"

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10 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

I actually don't think he made much off TikTok tbh. I found this:

"TikTok does not offer creators monetization of their videos on this platform." Source

You can have brand deals and sponsorships though, so maybe he had that. 

But yea, overall it does contribute to growing his brand which = more money. He lives in a house in LA with his three kids and mom I believe, so he has a lot on his shoulders. 

I think it's kinda weird how the Internet celebrated his misfortune (and yes I know he's said and done a lot of terrible stuff in the past. Still, doesn't feel right to me). Also, generally speaking - not aimed at you @Danielle1987

I didn’t know how much money he made from TikTok, but I do know it was helping his brand out a lot, especially as far as letting a new generation know of his existence. It was helping with his growth and relevancy. 

You are so right @Jordan Millercelebrating someone’s misfortune makes whoever celebrating it “the bully” (in a sense)& in turn, no better than Perez. It’s all in such bad taste. 

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I'll admit, I used to follow his site back in the day. I will never forget going on to see updates one morning back in 2011 & seeing a post about how crazy fans looked in the Femme Fatale M&G pics. At the time, I didn't have my picture posted publicly...but there it was. 


I had it removed from the site within an hour. 💁🏼‍♂️

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On 12/13/2020 at 10:12 PM, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

I actually feel kinda bad for him. Yes he’s been a huge bully and said some horrible things about celebrities, Britney included, but people change and learn from their mistakes. I’ve pretty much forgiven him for all of that stuff (Katy never) and can see that he was just using Britneys name and story to become famous, as so many did. He’s kinda a nobody now, but when you are part of the celeb/gossip media and working on the Internet is all you know, you still deserve a way to decently support yourself. Obviously social media and TikTok would be the most natural way to try and do that. He’s clearly not doing well because he really had no foundation to build a good career on. He’s a gossip blogger and I can’t say it’s much of a stable career to build a future upon, and he was not classy back then. I haven’t been to his website in a long while, it was never really my style. But I remember when he was blogging about the opening date of the Circus Tour in live updates on his site, that was cool. 

Perry never ever said "F *** you. F *** you." to Britney the way Perez did over a pop performance! That's a level of meanness Perry never sank to. Perry never even directly attacked Britney. Yes, I'm aware of the jokes, the comments, and Perry explained herself (at some point, she cut her hair real short and went through a breakdown). I get many here think Katy was being mean, but I'm not sure.

As for Perez, that was pure meanness. He did apologize, though, but what about the time Kylie Jenner was pregnant and he went: "Oh! She should get an abortion." What if Stormi stumbles upon a video of his saying that, eh?

And doesn't Perez have a $20 million net worth anyway?

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On 12/14/2020 at 1:38 AM, itsmariotrick said:

His overall content... posting click bait videos... preying on a 16 year old girl in her comments saying "all these videos are getting me hard" etc... that's what should've gotten him banned... but it was due some videos he posted about Charli D'Amelio who is also underage... to the help of her fans they got the attention of TikTok.

Wait? Isn't he gay? 



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I feel like he’s had multiple opportunities to right past wrongs but has never been sincere. Too bad his website doesn’t get the visitors to sustain revenue he was used to in the past.

Some things to have to come to an end though, so him losing social media access while also not changing as a person/brand is partially to blame and maybe a sign that it’s time to close this chapter of his career and start anew.

Bye Perez :tiffcackle_Tiffany_miss_ny_New_York_pollard_laugh_giggle_lol_haha_hehe:

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