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Is Britney On MJ's level?

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Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me.  I was playing this music game with my family and got into a bit of a debate. 

My brother,  early 20s, keeps insisting to me that Britney isn't on the same level as Michael Jackson career wise & legend wise due to the cship really ruining what status she had. 

Ive been a fan since she debuted so I have seen her phenomenon days but he didn't really see them and doesn't believe she could have ever been on MJ's playing field (like he brought up how many albums Thriller sold). There used to be lists of her achievements here but over time people have stopped posting about them. 

Can anyone give me good examples to prove it to him? I tried to google why she's the princess of pop,  achievements only she has had but everything is muddled in the results now. 

Even though I lived through her prime I myself can't explain how huge she really was to people who didn't get to experience it. I just remember it was an amazing time to be a fan. 

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17 minutes ago, Justney said:

I see what you guys mean,  I guess I should have meant in her prime.  Because I agree that now her cship has driven her career down more and more over time.  But her short lived prime was something extraordinary,  I think. 

In her prime yes. She was literally the biggest pop star and celebrity alive (ppl that came close to that madness of popularity are Bieber 1D and Gaga at their peaks,in recent years.)

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Honestly i do not think she was , is or will be on the same level like MJ. And i think that is good for her. Bc we all know how tragicly it ended for him. Esp him being involved with kids and that court. Really messed it all big time. I just want Britney to be happy and succesfull in a level she feels comfortable. 

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In attention and fame wise yes but as an artists sadly no..

MJ was appreciated by gp.. his talents weren't doubt or criticized.. He was the best dancer and no one argued about that (Britney even in her prime was criticized for he dancing abilities.. It sounds crazy but gp dragged her hard), He was incredible performer, wasn't praised for singing but was a decent vocalist, he has the style like his brand (Britney has costumes that won't be forgotten too and style that is used even now and there a lot of Britney wannabes but it's not too notable while its harder to be MJ wannabe)

overall until Britney wont be accepted as an artist she wont be in the same league and I doubt it will happen in this century lol

but I think she is close to it like no one can deny (even who thinks she is talentless)  that she is princess of pop.. she's not a queen yet or a king but she's in a higher level that other pop acts that happened for sure (by now). 


in a parallel world: Britney is free, She is ready and want to express herself in music, she releases a records that will show a different sides of her too, she is kicking everyones *** on stage, creates choreography and becomes innovator performer, speaks and stands and fights for a right things (I know we don't know what is wrong and what is right but godnney will know), her records become more unique in every next release with deeper meaning, she makes several movie with strong meaning too and finally receives the one and only awards created just to honor her work.. 


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I love a bit of mj hes an icon

Im just going to say that britney has coped with a lot of ****

Shes finally put her foot down because she actually can..shes never been desperate for the spotlight, its like she just naturally deserves it when she wants it.. I think if britney really wanted to she could have another successful era WHEN she's ready.. personally I think she's Setting a new bar right in front of our eye's..shes not over..her career is on pause 

I think she's the closest singer to mj level 

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32 minutes ago, Needleney said:

I dont understand why people blaming the cship for not continue her legacy.. i mean, why?

I think because she lost her rights to have what she wanted,  and it was already an issue with her label before that. I think it also drained her passion and energy,  her dancing skills went down either from loss of motivation and fire or medications... likely both. A lot of factors contribute to her tarnished reputation  career wise sadly. 

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5 hours ago, Blackout2006 said:

Hiii @Justney :hiii_britney_wave_glaad_2018_waving_hello:

So i get often dragged here for caring too much about Britney's sales, accomplishments and stuff but m happy that its all finally coming to good use :imdying_wendy_crying_sad_tears_sobbing:

Its gonna be a long post tho :raven_thats_so_simone_talking_telling_preaching:

Anyways so,

I have this thread asking older stans how was Britneys stardom back in her peak and these are the responses i got:







So here are her achievements:

  • Britney was the most searched celebrity of all time in her peak, and held the most searched person for (year) for 8 years straight and this video explains it well:
  • By the end of 2008, Britney, was the most photographed female celebrity alive. The most expensive papparazzi photograph ever sold was off Britney shaving her head, which fetched half a million dollars. Imagine getting paid one-year salary just because you have the perfect pic of a person simply shaving their head? 
  • By the age of 21 she had already achieved the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and the host of the event even talked about how Britney Spears was the most voted artist whom people wished to see live, not just in America...BUT THE WHOLE WORLD! Even the millitary men wanted to see Britney Spears live.
  • Britney was one of the very first celebrities whom opened a billion-worthy perfume empire. Curious was the highest-selling perfume of 2004 and has sold around a billion bottles to date. 
  • Britney has been a celebrity often imitated and dressed as for every Halloween post-1998 and was even the 2nd celebrity behind only Ariana to be dressed most for Halloween Trick & Treat.
  • While other artist have only 1-8 guiness records achieved...Britney has 15! and the 2nd highest female star with most guiness records broken only behind Madonna. She has the most viewed performance of all time attracting 340 million viewers around the globe to watch her on TV.
  • Her music videos. Britney has always had recognizable and widely-acclaimed music videos. BOMT, OIDIA, S4U, Lucky, Stronger, Toxic etc and etc. She is the one who has directed her most well-known and iconic videos. So even though, she hasnt written any pf her hit songs minus Everytime, she was the one who gave the concepts for the videos which made the songs much huger hits in the first place.
  • Ask your brother if his favourite singer has an album inducted in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame? Then tell him, that Britney despite being a popstar has one of the very few and only pop albums featured in a rock n roll museum. Blackout is extremely influential to the pop scene and even rolling stones acknowledged how it was the sound artist and stars tried to imitate between 2007-2012 and even these days.
  • The Best-Selling Female Artist of the 00s and Century. She had already sold 83 million records WW by the age of 26, whereas some can only achieve this feat around the age of their 30s. She has 2 diamond albums (most have none) with over 30 and 25 million sales; 3 albums with over 15 million album sales; 4 albums with over 10 million sales and 5-6 albums with over 5 million sales. She is the highest-selling female album artist of this century and is mega-monstrous sales queen. OIDIA debuted at #1 with 1.319 million sales and become the female artist with highest first week sales. And to show how big and mega-huge she was back then, the highest FW sales by a female artist before Britney was only 400-500k. 
  • Before reaching the age of 19, Britney already had the most #1 songs by a teenage artist in the UK and by then achieved 4 hits: BOMT, Sometimes, Crazy, BTMYH and OIDIA obviously. Even though she never had a #1 album in the UK she still has 2 albums with over 1 million sales in the UK.
  • Britney is the youngest female artist with #5 non-consecutive #1 albums in the US.
  • Britney is the biggest female artist of this century. Anyone can say Ariana, Taylor, Beyonce or any of these peers are bigger than Britney but it is and will always be false because back then there was nobody as huge as her. Even in 3rd world countries, children used to sing Britney Spears songs and have her posters hanging in their room. The anticipation for anything Britney-related was beyond this world and even her lowest selling album in her prime is considered the highest selling album of someone elses prime. It should already say something when almost any millennial can tell you they used to own the cassette/CD of ...Baby One More Time and Oops!...I Did It Again. In almost any interview she was in, they were constantly asking her how did she feel to be such a pop phenomeneon because anyone at the time knew how big of a deal she was because when at the time when it was uncool to stan people there were still people going to buy the In The Zone CD whom made it the 6th highest-selling CD of 2003/2004. Overall, her fame was unmatched and nobody could ever reach that status because she was so popular than when she declined, she declined hard but people still went to google to check on her and if she was okay.

Hope this helped :)

Yes! This is what I was looking for.  Thank you! 

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