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Britney posts about the Glory re-release & Matches!

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6 hours ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

Okay then who is posting the “this was shot yesterday?” Who is recording the weird Instagram videos? Is it a double? She may not run it but she’s aware of what’s being posted on it. When she went live was that also not her? When is it her and when isn’t it her? 

There's a difference between random dance videos that she films and promotional opportunities that do not actually feature her.


Daddy loves Monster and Nascar memories.

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11 hours ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

See but these are just theories. They’re not proven facts. So she doesn’t have a clue that they’re warping them or whatever? Have you seen her interviews? Britney is very introverted and quirky. Say what you will but the videos of her staring into the camera walking up to it and looking at it menacingly. I mean what would they have had to tell her to record those videos because they’re odd no matter how you try and spin the story. It’s okay that they’re odd because that’s her personality now. Until it’s proven that everything that’s ever been posted she was vehemently against them I’ll continue to say she has some form of control to provide content for her socials and/or be aware of what’s being posted 

But you dont believe the court documents?

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11 hours ago, Musicandsoul said:

They set up shoots.. probably telling her its a set for her social media. But what they dont do is actually edit the clips, so it ‘appears’ a mindless Britney is walking back and forth doing many poses and strangely too when really, in reality when people do this they cut or screenshot the pieces they like and post them.. the team post the full thing. Im sure they do this to keep things looking ‘weird’ and ‘strange’ and all it does is continue to make Britney look practically insane. 


I also wonder how much content she provides that they refuse to post?

Her Team continues to shape the narrative -- not just by what they choose to post, but also by what they refrain from posting as well.

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6 minutes ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

But you dont believe the court documents?

The court documents don’t say that she’s unaware of what’s being posted or that she’s against streaming and buying the rereleases. They also don’t state that she doesn’t provide content for the person that manages her accounts 

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22 hours ago, alienatedNey said:

I mean, of course. They need to be posted on every social media account and at the same time. The links also need to be standardised everywhere. I dont know why it’s an issue when it comes to Britney :slayde_meme_red_glam_neyde_neydeney_britney: 

Yeah that’s my point; I’m saying it’s completely normal. Like out of all the things that happen on her IG this is the most normal of them all hahah

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22 hours ago, MM0219 said:

Similarly, respect people who are boycotting if that's what it must be called.

For me, it's more about respecting her wishes. Those wishes which were stated in court documentation. 

Also, respect works both ways. 

This could have been avoided if RCA cared about their artist, and respected her wishes NOT to work at this time. And please, don't give me the "releasing an old recorded song isn't work" - the point is it sends mixed signals and that is not okay when she is in the midst of the most important legal battle of her life. She is desperately trying to remove her father from her life, a man who sees her as a racehorse and someone who needs to be handled like one. What a gent he is. 

If you're happy supporting this, knock yourself out, but don't come preaching and claim it's the people who are "boycotting" that are the most negative, and those who aren't boycotting are respectful until provoked :nonono_britney_nope_head_shake: Please. That is utter nonsense and it's clear to see either side riles the other up every.single.time. And in this particular instance, it was a mod who started it before any so called boycotters had even replied. :awks_britney_side_eye_awkward_2011_ff_femme_Fatale:

With regards to Britney's estate, people are well aware it is being co-managed by Bessemer. The problem is, the other co-manager is not one Britney herself approves of and until such times as Jamie is removed and Britney's voice is finally heard and listened to, I cannot support pointless re-releases.

This! And then those claiming they're the most best ultra Britney fans and anyone who is boycotting doesnt care enough about her music and are "new". I've been a fan literally since her first album came out. I was 11.. I grew up with her music.  I care about her struggle and life more than some cheap cash grabs and that's that.  I'd rather she be passionate,  free and happy making music than stifled,  imprisoned,  and miserable releasing old stuff that she clearly didn't want on the actual album.... otherwise it would have been on the ******* album when it came out. Give us a break. 


Team cship won in the end, they finally figured out how to distract and divide us. Now you're all more worried about her next album then her next court date.  She's not just a racehorse only to her father it seems.  


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