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Why does Lou create so many fake account to trash #freebritney on Instagram?


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So I was on my Instagram feed to saw diet Prada post for Britney’s birthday. Because this is more of a mainstream news (non Britney fan) I’m trying to look at the comment section to see what GP think. And I found this one comment that oppose free Britney movement. When I look at her profile, she has 1 follower and 5 following. Like I have a hunch this is Lou and I would casually joke “Nice try Lou”. And after that she goes full on to me. I replied with trying to trash Lou, and apparently this triggers her. Instead of be like “I’m not Lou, why are you onto her?”, she was like “all of you brainwashed teenagers/ low rank nerd” lol. See the comments below:

Diet Prada ™ on Instagram: “It’s Britney’s bday *****! 🎂 We’ve rounded up some of her most iconic red carpet looks to celebrate the occasion. Dieters, what are your…”


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      • *cant post screenshot from instagram, but its here if you want to look it up:

        I copy and paste the comments here:


        I feel sorry for her the fans are doing there best to make her look bad she doesn't need to be freed she need her fans to go away and mind there own
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      • @zsamantag there is no proof of drugs at all where all these false claims are coming from is more than sick has we all know her doctors notes have always been sealed so it has all come conspiracy or the fans all these horrible lies coming from one place britney fan accounts the way you say she looks drugged has to come from the fan accounts or a horrible comment gone wild it is rude because all I see is exhausted hard working pop star unable to feel comfortable in the presence of people who think they know her because of the the media coverage and the stalking she endured at such young age. People need to need to stop making up her life up it's horrible false and misleading information which makes her look bad for no reason period
      • @rrammaabar now do you see what I mean the youngster are brainwashed all this nice try Lou hi Sam they got these young people messed up my name is vereena and I just started another account for my pictures but have been a fan of britney spears for 20years and have followed this ole free Britney spears movement and the lies they have created some of the stuff I am that ain't true has I was there in real time the way tried toake her kid say freebritney it's sad they don't leave any aspect of life alone a 15year old girl made out her she had a voicemail message from a para legal which till this day has never been proven and even britney herself sed that she was not true at the very beginning of last year when they sed she forced into a mental facility and this is what her fans do go around acting crazy now telling everyone that they know everything about her whatever fan accounts have written this is kids was being manipulated by social media idiots being disgusting about there pop idol so sad
      • @zsamantag you sweet heart is horrible she is not a drug addict she is tired and has hair extensions for work in that I do agree need to be taken out she but she looks looks like she out of breath from endlessly performing traveling working out and being a mom she is tired hence why she is on a break trying to recover but stop with the drugs it is false and disgusting
      • @beautifulv15 you just blew your cover again Lou. No ordinary Karen will be invested that much in voicemail leak lol. And trying so hard to be off grammar to hide your lousy writings lol. How does it feel now that big publication are unanimously supporting free Britney? You can’t pay the guardian, nytimes, and other major news outlet. All you can pay is cheap *** TMZ lol. Esp in the wake of #metoo movement where women abuser got what they deserve? Bessemer trust will sue the hell out of your ***. Please remember that lawyer got paid percentage of the lawsuit won. They will get you, your real estate, and all of your assets you hide under the name of your husband, kids, nephew and nieces and left you with zero dollar. You will be like Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine. Your day is timed Lou, you are not smart and you left tracks everywhere. Soon the wolf will come and get you. Imagine going over the internet and see people rejoicing the day you’re being thrown to jail for human abuse. Soon your family will left you and your friends will pretend they don’t know you. Mark this account guys @wukemon @lawyersforbritney @freebritneyla @diet_prada
      • @rrammaabar I have never read so much bull**** maybe go unbrainwash yourself and this also proves that everything you say is bull because you have just sed has absolutely nothing to do with britney spears situation someone's conspiracy theories, a silly little sad teenagers to be procise what is even more sad is you call for the cult leaders the ones who create nasty theries I I know about freebritneyla he was the one who screen shot Sam and then passed it on to Sloan the you tuber to tell everyone that Sam attacked on a live Instagram you are all sick passing people who are clearly making her look bad like a low ranking nerd boy to spread hate you all need to get a life and I can care for grammar especially when it comes to absolute mentalists I hope you get the same 3 pictures once a week till she realises that her fans hate is not worth that type of effort😛



The way she talked about Britney, make me positive was her. Besides, she follows Britney The Zone museum lol.

What’s interesting is that she mentions Sam when no one asked for it.. is Sam part of Lou gang? Anyway, if you want to look it up, it’s there in diet Prada Instagram reels, and you can say hi to Loucifer / Vereena/ beautifulv15.



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