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Meghan Trainor shades Britney... One more time

Message added by Jordan Miller,

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season 9 9x5 GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race


I mean... she wore this on Drag Race... so idk if she makes the best decisions as it is. I’ve personally never been that impressed by her... 🤷‍♂️ And everyone in here saying “we all say the same thing so why are u mad now?” Ummmm... I haven’t said half the things a lot of y’all say about Britney. It just lacks professionalism. For some reason people see Britney as low hanging fruit... honey... I can’t. And you CANNOT even compare Britney to Milli Vanilli, you’re joking right? Do you guys even know who they were? 😂

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Trash. What low hanging fruit, and if she knew much about what Britney’s been going through the past 12 years, she would know Britney probably didn’t have much control when other singers were used on her albums. 

whatever, she’s pretty much irrelevant already. It seems weird she would bother to shade Britney when she covered her Xmas song and her video for no was pretty much an homage/rip off of Britney’s early 2000s videos. 

also did you guys ever watch that video she did for buzzfeed or something she did with Hilary Duff about the Lizzie McGuire movie? It was the first time I saw an interview sort of thing from her and she seemed soooo annoying. 

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I remember a profound statement Zoe Saldana made on Watch What Happens about how she witnessed early in her career how a lot of celebs got to where they are by hating on Britney. It’s sad that this trend still goes on to this day with those no name “singers” such as Megan.

As far as her claim on ghost singing, this has been a very common practice in the music industry for MANY years before Britney and will be there after her too. I recently watched a documentary about back up singers and they were saying how many prominent singers back in the 60’s and 70’s used their vocals for many of their most famous hits. Sometimes they wouldn’t even get credited for their work. Many of Jennifer Lopez’s biggest hits such as Play, I’m Real, Ain’t It Funny, I’m Gonna Be Alright, Jenny On The Block, and others have her voiced mixed in the lead with other singers. Play is literally Christina Millian singing most of the song, Ashanti sings on I’m Real and Ain’t It Funny remixes in the choruses and some verses, etc. 

So to wrap all this up in regards to Megan... I don’t know her...


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On 11/30/2020 at 6:02 AM, CarelessDiva said:

I'll get so much hate for this but some may hear me out.

Imagine you sing dance and perform live and never reach Britneys level. Everyone knows she lip sings so I could understand the frustration when it comes to Britney still selling better than the artist actually doing it all. 

Like Blackpink they sing and dance all live. I have mad respect for them bc it cant be easy. Idk I think if I was an artist I would struggle understanding why Britney is more popular.  

While she lipsynchs a lot more now, she did used to sing live more for the first portion of her career. She has already solidified her status, she put the work in. That's what a lot of younger people seem to not know which is why they really need to educate themselves before they open their stupid annoying mouths :unbothered_apple_chew_bite_hair_eat_chomp_red:

But also, it's more than singing and dancing, it's charisma and personality and stage presence. Which no new gen artist would know about because they're hiding behind a screen with the personality of a giant slug.

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Why did she become so *****y towards Britney ever since lou escaped jail time by quiting on conservatorship  ?

I see someone is still trying to make Britney life a living hell. Every time Meghan mentions Britney these days is with negative tone and she sure has to bring up her "lack of talent". Like she is next in line if Mozart. Whilst she used to worshiped the ground Britney walked on.

Hmmm interesting.

Devil works hard but Loucifer works harder.

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On 11/30/2020 at 4:36 AM, AGUILEGEND IS A QUEEN said:

But yeah it seems like she has a hard time putting words together and making sense of what she's saying lol. That or what someone stated earlier, I'm not sure exactly what the context is because it sounds like she's just spewing out thoughts rather than making a point. 

Omg, i just saw that link, what a big ***** she is! And why did she record a song (although Christmas, but original) by Britney? Because did she need one more song that people would like for the number of tracks on the album to be complete or to show that the song in her voice is better? I went to hear her cover and it's not bad at all, but the music in Britney's voice and rhythm is better.

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The point is this woman is a nobody. Point blank. Period. She’s had ONE hit album and a few hit singles. 

She’s mad because she has to put in effort to retain any sort of relevancy (which is next to none) yet Britney changes her hair extensions and it’s all over the internet.


Im sorry, but which one of them received 2 DIAMOND certified albums before even turning 20 years old?

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16 minutes ago, Sealed_With_A_Chris said:

Meanwhile, Britney bangs Sam....and she bangs the kid who never went through puberty from spy kids.


That was pretty high-key rude of her. I get tired of these "Singers" acting like big fans and then coming out and shading her (Looks at Katy Perry*). It is like they use the fan base, and then reveal themselves to be haters.      

Agreed. She goes on interviews talking about how great their *** life with spy kid is (if you need to say it, is it really that good).

Also, love your pic with Britney!

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