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Meghan Trainor shades Britney... One more time

Message added by Jordan Miller,

Please keep the comments respectful. 

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16 minutes ago, Jordan Miller said:

Some of the comments in this topic are extremely disappointing. You can state your point without tearing someone down / body shaming etc. This is NOT the vibe and if it continues, then this thread will be closed. 

Because one or two comments that way this will be closed?

I don't support body shaming but fans are just frustrated with a woman shading their idol multiple times. Why express that is a problem? 

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I meannn I love Britney stan her n all but what meg said wasn’t lying with what she said. 
but as a Britney consumer I kno what I’m buying n what to expect and that’s ok to me  at this point lol

Mayb if Britney performed to pre recorded vocals as all artist do who dance etc it would help the negative association surrounding Britney and lip syncing.

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