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Meghan Trainor shades Britney... One more time

Message added by Jordan Miller,

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Chile Meghan is irrelevant they always come for the Queen! 

Where are all these females careers musically that dragged Britney unwarranted the last 20 years!

Brit doesn’t come for other women unless they come at her! I’m confused why these women do this they’ll never have a music career like Britney!


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7 hours ago, PrinceAli89 said:

I remember a profound statement Zoe Saldana made on Watch What Happens about how she witnessed early in her career how a lot of celebs got to where they are by hating on Britney. It’s sad that this trend still goes on to this day with those no name “singers” such as Megan.

As far as her claim on ghost singing, this has been a very common practice in the music industry for MANY years before Britney and will be there after her too. I recently watched a documentary about back up singers and they were saying how many prominent singers back in the 60’s and 70’s used their vocals for many of their most famous hits. Sometimes they wouldn’t even get credited for their work. Many of Jennifer Lopez’s biggest hits such as Play, I’m Real, Ain’t It Funny, I’m Gonna Be Alright, Jenny On The Block, and others have her voiced mixed in the lead with other singers. Play is literally Christina Millian singing most of the song, Ashanti sings on I’m Real and Ain’t It Funny remixes in the choruses and some verses, etc. 

So to wrap all this up in regards to Megan... I don’t know her...


what was the documentary called? would lvoe to see it. only watched a youtube vid on how bixtchy jlo actually is, and why shes not talking to mariah carey, because MC's ex just to send songs to JLO to revenge on MC in the late 90s, early 00s.

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