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This Day in Pop: Kylie Minogue releases album 'X' in 2007 (November 21)

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X is the tenth studio album by Kylie Minogue. It was released on 21 November 2007. She begun working on the record after recovering from breast cancer and radiotherapy treatment.

It went #1 on the Australian Albums Chart, and it was #4 on the UK Albums as chart as well as the US Top Dance/Electronic albums. In the US BB 200 it peaked at #139.

Five singles were released to promote the album: 2 Hearts, Wow, In My Arms, All I See and The One.


What's your favorite track?



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13 Years ago, Kylie Minogue returned with her tenth studio album "X", no it's not X as in rating..


She saw Fans naming it X as in the Roman numeral is X in 10. 


She was one of the early internet fandoms and saw and interacted with them during the myspace days. 


X was preceded by basically a copy and paste production of Kish Mauve's 2 Hearts. 


2 hearts was a #1 in Australia, top five in the UK..


X became her third Australian number one album in her home country. 


Some fans still are shocked that none of the PWL Era actually topped the Aussie albums. Especially since her debut album "Kylie" produced 3 Back to back #1 singles. 


In the UK it debuted at #4, and we'll looked Like it was Going to flop. But In my Arms and WOW changed the albums fate and allowed it go platinum. 

Some fans think the Bloodshy and Avant tracks Particularly Speakerphone and Nu-Di-ty are actually Blackout rejects considering both came out In the UK weeks apart from each other. 


They also worked on No more Rain but Kylie went to Greg Kurstin to give it more demure production as it's one of two tracks about her cancer Battle. The original production remains unreleased to this Day..cosmic Is the other track and lone ballad. 


Stars seems to be the single that got away. 


X is well known for introducing a future Calvin harris who co produced Both in my Arms and Heart beat rock..


The remix duo Freemasons did another Kylie fan favorite the one in Both album version and an epic 10 minute remix which she performs the one to the Freemasons remix vs the album version. 


X saw a US Release in April of 2008. By that time everybody had it via file sharing or as an import via Amazon. 


X saw two official tour editions in Asia and Australia. 


X was censored in China which Saw the removals of "Like a ****", Speakerphone and "Nu-Di-ty. 


The CD contained an exclusive link to download Ripping up the Disco. 


The fashion and imagery of X is well known for Bright colors in the make up and Kylie's hair for being extremely short as it was basically growing back after the chemotherapy treatrments did its thing. 


And according to some fans. This saw the birth of thick Kylie as she was mostly known pre cancer for a flat stomach and a really good looking arse to match it. 


What's your favorite track From X. Kylie's most experimental pop music to date. Especially all the b sides and tracks that didn't make the cut. 

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On the 21st of November 2007, Australian Pop Queen Kylie Minogue released her 10th studio album X. An unusually long gap between studio albums (her previous studio effort being Body Language in 2003), work on this album didn’t begin until Kylie’s recovery from breast cancer. 


Proving once again that nothing with slow her down, Kylie worked with producers such as Bloodshy & Avant, Calvin Harris and Freemasons. 


X debuted at number one in Australia (her first since Fever in 2001) and went on to be certified platinum. In the UK, it debuted at 4 and was certified platinum. It reached the top 20 in Austria, Germany, Ireland, France, Scotland and Switzerland.


The projects lead single 2 Hearts (released November 9) peaked in the top 10 in several countries including Australia, Spain, Italy, Sweden and the UK. 

Wow was released in Australia, Europe and the USA while In My Arms was released in Europe. 

X was further promoted by the KylieX2008 tour, performing in Europe, South America, Asia and South Africa. It grossed $70mil at the box office and was widely praised as her best tour to date. 

While X went on to shift a million copies, some fans were divided over Kylies more adventurous sound. For me, X is in my top 3 Kylie albums. It was definitely ahead of its time and still a pleasure to listen to. 2 Hearts, In My Arms and Wow (all included on her Step Back In Time: A Definitive Collection as the deserve to be) are still favourites of mine. Like A **** and Nu-di-ty are also standouts. 

(After I went to effort, I noticed there is a thread for this album but it wasn’t to my lofty Kylie standards so I’m posting mine, not sorry) 

What do you think? Comment below. 

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Definitely one of my all time favorite albums...and you just have to give her props cuz Fever into Body Language into X into Aphrodite is such an EPIC album run!!  

I know it's a basic opinion...but Wow and In My Arms are just perfect pop songs, and are forever cardio jams that just really get you going. In My Arms should have been a gigantic global smash, I'll never understand why it wasn't.

The only song i skip is Cosmic...and sometimes No More Rain, but neither are bad songs by any means, they just slow the party down a bit. 

And i totally agree with the previous post, Stars was the single that got away.  It probably would have only impacted a dance chart with some remix to it, but something about it felt so different but on brand and captivating at the same time.  

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