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Message added by Jordan Miller,

Exhalers have the option to change their username.

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So let's hear the stories about why you picked your username and how they came about :lizzie_oops_dancing_red_maguire_hillary_duff:

I know some may be obvious but some of you guys have interesting usernames and I thought it'd be a fun thread :)

Mine is Slayer as i'm a MASSIVE fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I love sci-fi tv shows like Buffy, Vampire Diaries, Ghost Whisperer, Charmed etc.



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from the sky, drop like confetti ♫

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So let's hear the stories about why you picked your username and how they came about  I know some may be obvious but some of you guys have interesting usernames and I thought it'd be a fun thread

This interview caused my biggest Exhale meltdown to date: I remember being so freakin' pissed at her. I was like, "Wow, this bish really had the nerve and audacity to blatantly lie like that

well, I'm the real Beyoncé so it was an obvious choice 

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I definitely wanted to put the word bixxh in there as a play on Britney’s iconic line “It’s Britney *****”, and that it can describe my personality quite well at times :embarrassed_britney_2007_red_hide_ashamed_cover:

I ended up going with blackout because it’s in my trinity of Britney albums, and I think it flowed nicely with bixxh. Plus it was a nod at Britney’s no F***s given attitude at that time which I love so much :smokney2_smoke_britney_blackout_2007_sunglasses_red_cigarette_smoking:

And just like that blackoutbixxh was born :bparty_piece_of_me_pom_britney_clubbing_blackout_2007_dancing_dance:

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💋 French fingertips, red lips, ***** is dangerous 💋

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In fact, it used to be "I Always Sing Live", but I had to get rid of the spaces because Exhale went through some changes. I didn't want to do "IAlwaysSingLive" because having two capital letters next to one another triggered me, whereas "ialwayssinglive" blended together too much. Therefore, I came up with "iAlwaysSingLive", which was inspired by iPhone, even though I don't like iPhones. That's what looked the most pleasing to my eye anyway. :plzexplain_britney_karaoke_carpool_confused_oh_okay_hmm_nod_eyebrows_raised:

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Get Naked (I Got A Plan) just spoke to me upon hearing Blackout. I don’t know if it was the sultriness of it all or the chanting of get naked but it’s still one of my favourite Britney songs. It’s so :thirsty_britney_onyx_drink_flirt_drinking_sipping_fan_hot:

Baby I’m a freak and I don’t really give a damn :werk_britney_bw_black_white_dance_sexy_flirt_my_prerogative:

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Might I freak ya out, 'magine if I work ya out 😛

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I love this thread idea! :makeitrain_britney_blush_headphones_omg_wow_happy:

I chose AmorProhibido because it's one of my favorite Selena songs/my favorite Selena album. Also, I have a really weird fascination with forbidden/unrequited love. Like, anything involving that, I just want injected directly into my bloodstream lol.

However, before I was anybody on here (not me acting like I'm somebody :gloria_falling_stairs_trip:), my username was BritneyCheatedWithMayte?! A while back, I was a major Prince fan and I loved his ex wife, Mayte Garcia. Before joining Exhale, I was an avid Prince.org user and I once came across a thread that was speculating whether or not Mayte cheated on Prince. Someone mentioned Britney cheating and another person got confused and said "Britney cheated with Mayte?!" :tiffcackle_Tiffany_miss_ny_New_York_pollard_laugh_giggle_lol_haha_hehe: So when I finally decided to stop lurking and make an account on here, I knew I wanted my username to be that.


Until I changed it because I realized it was a horrible username. :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:


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1 minute ago, Towelney said:

My username is Towelney because I am Towelney Stormborn of the House Towel, First of My Name, the icon, Queen of the Towels and the First Saunas, CEO of the Great Cancellation Book, Maker of Edits, and Mother of Towels. 

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💋 French fingertips, red lips, ***** is dangerous 💋

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