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"Britney" doesn't post on her own IG, but SAM is making sure that...

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On 11/20/2020 at 4:34 PM, Dream Within a Dream said:

You know if the Conservatorship gets dissolved he will be Sam Spears right? 

you all are wilding over Instagram mentions :blol_britney_2011_ff_femme_fatale_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:


are you implying Britney isn't right in the head and would totally marry that douche and that's why TeamCon needs to be in charge? :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek: I thought most ppl on here were for #FreeBritney?

Interesting...not  Pin on Gif


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9 minutes ago, Easy There said:

He lost every ounce of respect I had towards him when he faked Valentine's and when he praised her stay in psych ward pretending she wasn't forced to go in there against her will.


TOTALLY, I hear you!:wink_britney_everytime_white:

14 minutes ago, Bundy said:

He also pretends hes leaving comments for Britney but they are all for Cassie instead 



so predictable... :badthoughts_gun_kris_genner_thinking_debating:

26 minutes ago, Dream Within a Dream said:

No i’m saying they’ve been together for over 3 years. Get over it. 

it’s her life, not ours, not James’

sure, they're together... but that doesn't mean fans and the GP don't get to comment on the obvious:

she's dating a babysitter-****** hired by her father, who by the way OWNS her life. Britney wants to break free.

there's a court battle going on right now... haven't you heard?

take a seat.  Wendywilliams Choke Gifs Tenor Wendy M.Williams - LowGif

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2 hours ago, halfdressed said:

Keep sitting around trashing the man Britney is in a relationship with and possibly even wants to marry. I’m sure she appreciates it and doesn’t find it disrespectful at all.

I swear some of y’all should file for co-conservatorship so you can tell her what’s good for her and what’s not, just like papa.


it’s not about “freedom to comment”, it’s about respect. People constantly scream and shout that she is a human being when it comes to team con and the conservatorship, so why don’t y’all actually treat her like one. She isn’t asking for relationship advice. Leave it alone. Let her make her own mistakes if there is any to be made here. 

Ok, I understand what r u saying, but Britney is really controlled. She said herself that her dad does a background check on the guys before (I dont want to be an ******* and say her dad hires or pays them) so even if thats only the case... If daddy doesnt like what he sees, he wont let her date who she wants. I know she had some terrible taste on men before and I loathe Kevin, but its her life... This isnt the 50s. Jamie is a ******* abusive man who put Lynne and Britney thru so much ****, so who is him to decide this for her when hes being such a pain in the *** for Britney in the last 13 years? Britney should date whoever she wants to date. Its not like she can go out, meet guys at any party and such. Who knows if she got with Sam bc it was not like she had many other options anyway? Since the cship was put in place, she doesnt have a say about so many things. If shes free and continues with Sam, we will know this is what she wants. I dont like him, but I would support her. But this isnt the case now and this is why people are suspicious of him, even more after some things he did in the past. 

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Yeah, maybe his presence everywhere on her Instagram is a paycheck.

Notice how the job opportunities, interviews and media coverage for him increased drastically even before the Britney Gram scandal interview with the paralegal. Britney already (allegedly) at the facility, and he was working more than he did previous years.

He left his job as personal trainer and became an official "actor" with exclusives ET interviews (team Britney favorite way to promote anything), and articles about how Britney is so lucky to have him on her life.


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