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A Lady Gaga fan congrats Kylie Minogue on the success and promo for "Disco," but alludes to Gaga disappointing Little Monsters for letting Chromatica die early

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A new tweet praises Kylie Minogue for doing great promo for her #1 album in the UK, Scotland and her native Australia with DISCO.

At the same time, it seems throughout the thread they are really upset with Gaga for letting Chromatica die fast. 

I kinda see the shade aimed at Gaga.

They are saying that it's like her comeback to the dance floor, but she let it fade out too fast after "Rain On Me." The promo just stopped for Chromatica

Most people believe Ariana is the reason why "Rain On Me" was Chromatica's biggest hit. 

Thoughts. Do you agree with the anger and the frustration at Gaga???kylie-gaga.jpg.509769ca977af896e8c818e79bf64cc3.jpg

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49 minutes ago, GMFlop said:

Covid did had an impact on her recent album as everyone were still trying to adjust on the situation. She should've postponed until everyone are ready. 

The album was already postponed, she’s been working on this for a while. Just off the topics on the record, it just seems she’s burnt out. I feel she’s like Britney, not like they hate their jobs but now it feels like a job kind of thing. Both were very passionate early on in their careers but we start to see it gradually fade the bigger they become.  

I agree with the fans about her lack of promo but I can also understand she needs to take care of herself first as we all should. 

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As much as I do kinda wish she'd pick up steam, let's not pretend it's a similar situation.


Chromatica was to be released right as the pandemic started, and her first postponement came with the thinking that many of us had, that this virus would be under control. Low and behold, that wasnt the case.

The second release date was announced with a months countdown and she built up hype, with ROM, the ROM video and the release....and then came the Death of George Floyd and the surge in support for BLM.


There was very little she could have done to have an all out launch because she knew the timing was all over the place.


Kylie released an incredible album that deserves all the praise if receives, but industry have started to adapt.

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Well, to be fair it has been a nightmare of a year for this kind of thing and specifically the time surrounding the release was plagued by a lot of unknowns and rapid changes. 


In my opinion the album is incredibly lackluster for someone of Gaga’s caliber. I mean, there are bops but... it’s mostly just an album of filler material and the few songs that are good really are hurt because they sound dated. 

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On 11/14/2020 at 8:55 PM, Spicechinodiva said:

At the same time, it seems throughout the thread they are really upset with Gaga for letting Chromatica die fast. 

Hmmmm interesting perspective. At the time around Gaga was releasing Chromatica, she had TONS of promo / performances planned, but the pandemic presented itself and derailed said plans. Instead of planning promo, Gaga rolled up her sleeves and raised millions of dollars. I think the Kylie stan may have lost sight of that. Just my two cents :gagasmile_smirk_lady_pink:

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Why are music fans in general not taking into account ALL GAGA'S HEALTH ISSUES? I'm not defending her, I'm just reminding you all that she's got it all, from physical to mental, and she's been very open about it for a long time. I guess she can't go through all the promotion process again, which is tough for any artist, even the younger ones. And the only reason why I mention this is because you CANNOT BE ALWAYS AT THE TOP and not suffer from it in any shape or form. All the biggest celebrities have had or still have health issues. We lost Primeney to that... She's a shadow of her past self now.
Kylie had a nervous breakdown relatively recently after she broke up with her last boyfriend. She took her time, healed, and went back at it. She's obviously older and been through a lot as well so I guess she learned how to be resilient, so maybe we can say that this is a good moment for Kylie in general. All things just fell into place for her. AND she's receiving much deserved praise for such an astounding career, not just for this particular album.



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On 11/15/2020 at 3:04 AM, Charlotte_the_Harlot said:

Agree, Chromatica isn't my fav album but still I see no reason why Gaga doesn't even try to make it bigger, she used to have well planned eras with lots of promo
And covid isn't an excuse :bedtime_britney_book_Reading:
I don't know, maybe she's not satisfied with the final result how the album sounds like 
or she doesn't care about promo as long as she can't tour

Also, GO KYLIE!! :kylie_proud_yes_wow_impressive_amazing:

Seeing Megan the stallions video for “Just Like Like” made me realize Gaga doesn’t have good budgets or amazing music videos anymore.  I’m trying to imagine a killer video for Alice, but nothing Gaga makes comes close to that Alice in wonderland themed Megan video.

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Chromatica has some potential, like Sour Candy, Alice & Sine from above. You can blame the pandemic all you want but there are ways to promote and sell. A good example is Bad Bunny and DISCO from Kylie. Gaga is relying basically on her die hard fans to carry her record. Yeah touring does promote album sales but she could even do a live concert streaming similar to what Miley did and have people tune in there are ways and then there's pure laziness. Not saying she's lazy, (I love Gaga) but maybe she is just dedicating this time to herself as well.

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3 hours ago, Sourab Patodi said:

Unpopular opinion - Gaga used Ariana to get commercial success. Without Rain on me, Chromatica would have died a lot earlier.

Also I feel Gaga is lost with her direction. She is changing her image constantly and she is not relatable anymore. 


agree. To me she seemes like post 2010 Christina. Identity crisis. I loved how authentic she seemed during her last era and honestly think the whole look and vibe of Chromatica was so try hard and the sound was garbage.

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