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What is Tinashe's best album/project?


What is Tinashe's best album?  

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Tinashe is a creative genius and has delivered bops consistently. Not only does she write her own music, she also produces some of it from the comfort of her own bedroom. She is underrated AS HELL but once you dive into her discography, you'll find it hard to turn back.

My personal favorite albums from her are Nightride and Songs For You

Nightride is moody, sensual, cohesive and phenomenally produced.

Songs For You is honest, fun, upbeat, experimental and shows more of an array of emotions than her previous work. 

If you haven't gotten into her yet, shame on you!!!! But alas, it's not too late. 

Watch below some of the talented singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, directors' music videos :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

2 singles below:

 "Save Room For Us" from the album Songs For You 


"Company" from Nightride

2 album tracks below: 


"Sacrifices" from Nightride

"Hopscotch" from Songs For You 


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10 minutes ago, Daniyaal said:

I love S4U but i think my vote goes to Aquarius. TBH i don't want her to become big like Beyonce and Britney. She's a hidden gem and i can't bear the locals to hear my queen. Plus, the big celebs become jaded and distant and i can't bear to see Tinashe stop interacting with her fans 

I agree. I think she thrives independently... RCA seemed to really hold her back (like RCA does with everyone smh)

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2 minutes ago, Neneleaks said:

Slumber Party :milkney_slumber_party_glory_britney_blue_lick_yum_table:

It’s what pushed me to dive deeper into her music! 

12 minutes ago, BUWYGF said:

Whichever has All Hands on Deck :madance_madonna_dancing_party_bw_black_white:

That would be her debut album, Aquarius. Iconique!


10 minutes ago, ExXL said:

I really liked the last album, I admit I don't like all of her songs, some of them sound very meh to me, but I love some of them, like super love for example 


This was released when RCA was basically throwing out all these different sounds for her to see which one would stick. Didn’t make it onto an album unfortunately.

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"Nightride" really caught my attention, and convinced me that she wasn't here to play, but "Songs For You" solidified my hardcore fandom. I remember seeing her open for Nicki when "2 On" was a semi-hit on the radio, and because I was a naive fool, I didn't even give her a second thought. What an idiot I was. 

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