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The I'm a Slave 4 U VMA rehearsals in HD (clips)

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6 minutes ago, Dublingin said:

I’d never seen this special! When was it from?

Also that remix is FIRE!! It’s my first time hearing it!!

it's from 2008, copyright always takes down the HQ footage :britstare11_britney_ftr_for_the_record_annoyed_tired_irritated_sigh: the LQ version of this video got taken down from our channel years ago because of that

That is a fanmade mix using one of Lorde's track :groovin_dance_clap_alien_monster_party_costume_Halloween_spooky_scary:

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9 minutes ago, Tear the floor up up said:

Thanks for posting, I caught it on your YT earlier and really enjoyed!

Speaking of the '07 one - do you happen to know if this is really Britney? And if any other rehearsal clips are floating around?


That video comes from a choreographer reel, pretty sure that's her

I do think that's Britney, because her stand in for that performance looked nothing like her and and Britney had long hair before changing it for the VMAs

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