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Britney Spears readies new single "Swimming in the Stars"

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1 hour ago, BabkaAutorka said:




3 hours ago, Mainshow said:

"Before The Goodbye" says hi.

I didn't know that song was intended as a single :letitburn_elmo_fire_flames_burn:


2 hours ago, Britbritnic said:

Some people talking about boycotting as if it worked lo The artists today barely make a good profit with the streams, mainly Britney who is weak in this branch. It's not like she's an Ariana or Taylor who makes 7 million a day just on Spotify. For example, Mood Ring must not have generated even $ 1 million for Britney / RCA

Right, there's a reason her team has released more perfumes than singles...


I'm laughing at people scared of not being able to listen to this, I can imagine the FedEx guy transferring the song from the vinyl directly to Twitter while driving his truck! And the music sheet appearing seven minutes later from a fan account in Japan.

Also, people going crazy over the timing of this release... I think vinyls take way more time than two months to be made and printed and distributed and whatbot? (announced today, delivered in January)

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3 hours ago, itsrichii***** said:

Ok. There is a published track registered around the same time as Glory, written by Matthew Koma called...you guessed it, "Swimming with the Stars"!!! Also, we know for a fact Britney worked with him doing the Glory era. It was written with Dan Brook & Alexei Misoul. I'm hear for new music without supporting the Britney brand so let's MP3 download the hell out of this :P 

Lmao yall need to look up how much artists take home for their music....especially a song not written by them! The only ones making money off of this are RCA and the writers! Her team will see pennies! The only think not supporting her music is going to do is make RCA put less effort into her releases! 

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I truly don't want to sound harsh or pick up a fight but STOP TELLING FANS NOT TO BUY OR EVEN STREAM ANYTHING FROM BRITNEY. You sound like a stupid broken record. One thing is Britney being smart enough for refusing to work as a means of complaining about the legal circumstances she was put under so she's not used as a "race horse", and another one is not allowing others (so much for the "free" movement btw) to freaking ENJOY (as in, emotional and actual physical pleasure related to being STANS) whatever this Living Legend (you can look but don't touch) put, is putting, or will put out to the world.
Also, whatever her team releases during these times, it was already done, so what the hell are you complaining about, I don't get it. And if Jamie or whoever wants money, they will get it unless they are legally stopped, a process which has already started. And even then, it's not like poor Jamie will get one less dollar if I don't buy or stream a song, or as if rehashing a song will put a label out of debt WHAT.
If Britney refuses to work, she's making a statement towards actual change; if we don't stream or buy, we're just depriving ourselves from enjoying her art.
You do you, but stop preaching to others because it's groundless and tiring.
And I say all this as an international fan with no extra money to spend. For example, I haven't bought any of her 1541254181 perfumes (which I would have), nor her vinyls (WHICH I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVEN'T OMG PLEASE HUG ME), and I want to slap myself for eternity because of that. So stop adding to my misery THANK YOU.

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1 hour ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

So yesterday she says she literally DOES NOT want to work while her father is her conservator. She said she is SCARED of him....And yet some of y’all seem to have forgotten that today. 

I won’t listen to this and I refuse to support this evil movement by her father.

Stop being dramatic. If we don't support her music the demand will die and she'll never return to music. Britney wouldn't want us to stop listening to her music. Think about that. 

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1 minute ago, Tiago said:

Stop being dramatic. If we don't support her music the demand will die and she'll never return to music. Britney wouldn't want us to stop listening to her music. Think about that. 

This! Finally someone with a brain! Not supporting her music will only lead to less and less label support! 

The Mood Ring, MOW, and this release are RCA’s ways of trying to keep her somewhat musically viable while she refuses to work on new music. If you think her team is getting rich off of these releases you’re seriously delusional...non of them were written by Britney and MR didn’t even chart. The only way artists make a lot of money off of a song is if they wrote it and it becomes a huge hit or is used in a movie or something! 

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