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Britney Spears' lawyer Sam Ingham’s objections to 12th account include payment of Lou Taylor's personal legal fees: new court docs

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VERY good news that some fire is FINALLY going Loucifer’s ways :blast_explosion_skeleton_skull_fire_flames_boom:

That being said, they better go after her personally. It sounds like they’re just trying to prove Jamie didn’t handle Britney’s money well. It’s pure theft and Lou should be held personally responsible. Jail time for both of them would be ideal, is that even a possibility? If not they should AT LEAST receive personal lawsuits. 

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49 minutes ago, alienatedNey said:

So she can’t decide the production team for her album herself but has to choose from the options given to her?

well FF and Britney Jean happened, and I don't think Britney was ever really into it. you could literally see the boredom in her eyes. that's why they got also Myah to do the work for her :hideous_um_zoom_hide_what_confused_scared:

but regardless of all this, i'm so happy that britney is FIGHTING. so much evidence of how she's turning the tables, and so happy that we were able to bring part of the confidence back to her.  :gagacrash_driving_run_hit_lady_sunglasses: KICK THEM

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6 minutes ago, Godney'sSweetCheeks said:

Watch Judge Penny do to us what clapping down to fairies, "It's entirely reasonable for Ms Spears funds to be used proecting Lou Taylor's reputation." Nooooo!!!

Hm I wouldn't be so optimistic about that, don't forget that Lou resigned... clearly she's running now. And this is clear abuse of money that DOES not serve the conservatee at all, but only herself. This is not good news for Lou. Neither Sam or Brit will let her get away with it, since there's objections. 

Let's also not forget the objections for December, there's more **** coming.

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3 minutes ago, Stifler's Mom said:

Legally if you think about it, this is considered "Abuse of power and money".

If anyone wants to sue a fan it's on them but it should be with their own money. However, as much as we disagree with the c-ship, Britney's dad is in charge of her money so he legally doesn't have to check with Britney if he gives it to Lou for whatever reason, or to anyone really. So it's not really abuse as crazy as it sounds. That's like the whole concept of the c-ship.

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