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If you were Ariana, what would you do now?

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I'd take a bubble bath and eat some confort food and move on with my lush life.

People also hated sweetener but it eventually became a success with its singles and a Grammy award. 

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7 minutes ago, FemmeFataleBrit said:

So nearly everyone here who’s heard the new album has called it average and disappointing. If you were Ariana, what would you do right now? Do you think she can still scrap it and promise an album next year as to not disappoint her fans? 

I was actually thinking about this last night. Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not SHE is proud of the music. If she is, then screw the numbers honestly. The die-hards will stan this album and I honestly can see it really becoming a special album in a few years time. TU,N was filled with instant hits, but perhaps Positions is a grower. The only way we'll find out is to wait and see. 

Nice topic @FemmeFataleBrit

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I wouldn’t bat an eye tbh. This album isn’t for pop stans. I just heard a few other songs (saving the rest for Friday) and it’s SOOOOOO GOOD! Like the first tracks I heard grew on me and I love it so much. This is for the R&B/trap people and while that’s not exactly my thing it really captured me. And I was just hating on it this morning. 

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She’s not gonna postpone it.  She’s rush releasing it. She obviously really likes it or her team is pushing it hard. I’d release it & just let it be.  I wouldn’t do anymore singles just let it be a “pandemic” album to “give ppl music while they need it but let it slowly fade.  

she needs to take a year & not be in the public & then come back with a solid new album.  She’s gonna be so overexposed & with such a lackluster album.  Take a break boo. 

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You guys are delusional if you think Ariana is not proud of this record. I feel like she's been wanting to release something like this for a long time. This is her sound. She's been aiming towards this since "Sweetener", which is TWO albums back. AND she's been dissing many fan favorites, so she's clearly been sending out a message.

Besides, she's got to a point in her career in which she's so famous and rich and successful (she's so successful, ya) that she can release whatever and she won't really be losing fame or money. She has that privilege now.

Also, later on she can release a banger and you all will love her back again.

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What worries me is when an artist releases an album way into their career and fans, besides loving it or not, can't UNDERSTAND it... Think Gaga's "Chromatica" or even Britney's "Glory". How can a fan not see that those are two cohesive and perfectly produced albums, and that can only be done after years of finding (and fighting for) your identity? You can still prefer other songs/albums, but rejecting or even hating a project that is WELL done (unlike Madonna's "MDNA" for example, which is utter rubbish from the vocals to the music and the lyrics, a mess) is actually not liking the artist herself/himself.

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Too much money has been spent to make the album, it would probably be a very bad idea to just scrap it. But her label might not invest a lot of money into singles and videos and promo if it doesn't do well.

I see what Ariana is doing - she's striking while the iron is hot. She's released so many albums in such a small amount of time bc that's what pop artists do. She runs the risk of not making a comeback if she doesn't. But at this point she is big enough and has enough fans that she would be okay if she took some time off. 

I really think she should take a break. All of her albums have been either bad or some good songs and a lot of fillers (imo). It's prob time for her to make one really solid album which would require more time than she usually gives her albums. She's definitely a singles artist but it would be cool if she made a really amazing full album for once. The market is just kind of oversaturated with her and I'm sick of her tbh. I have been for a while.

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If she enjoys it, then she shouldn't do a damn thing. Some fans will enjoy it too, some fans won't. Ultimately, the album is done and there's not much she can do. 

I hope Ariana reinvents herself or goes a different route with her next album because she is recycling the same sounds over and over. Her song structure leads nowhere most of the time and her songs don't age very well. 

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First of all, i would not even make Positions :katyclown_makeup_mess_pie_meme_smile:

1 hour ago, bitbitboi said:

 She's been aiming towards this since "Sweetener"

Except that she failed with it. Sweetener was a really good album (i would not call it a masterpiece but still) and it had songs which SAVED the album, this album however has no song that exceeds over 9/10. Its that mediocre. If this is what Ari wants, i am not complaining because in the end of the day, she is THE artist. But then she should not care about its commercial performance or critics. Especially after releasing Thank U, Next one of the best records of the late 2010s.

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“The one and only...Olive Oildrigo :yesplease_yas_agree_preach:

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