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Britney sensually dancing in red to Madonna's "Justify My Love" | Update: Britney deleted the video


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On 10/20/2020 at 6:22 PM, nanabs said:

I was not saying about it. I was saying about society's reaction to female sexuality. 

Yes, I agree on that. But when She has been trafficked for 12 years and is kept from all human rights it is complicated to just believe What is on her official instagram is her choice. ****** exploitation is common. I know that it happens that even psychologists exploits young girls on closed wards where things like anorexia and borderline personality disorder are supposed to be treated. 
It is something that occurs when There is a power balance, for example ”illegal” immigrants have been ***** by people who has power over them, either police officers, prison guards or just criminals who they are depending on. Some teachers do it to students. Etc. There is a difference when people are being ****** against Britney and when they (me included) are upset about her lack of rights and power and all the possibilities that opens up for abuse and exploitation. 

I think What you are talking about is common and that Britney Really has been subdued to it. And that sexism also includes the diagnosing and degrading views on women’s psyches, feelings etc. To say that she was crazy when She was angry, annoyed or Sad. Or crazy for NOT wanting to be a *** object (shaving her head). 

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On 10/22/2020 at 9:11 PM, nwonder said:

But how is her video dancing provocatively any different from what every other 20 yo does on tik tok?  

Should we be concerned for them too?



I would not be concerned if it was HER choosing to do this now and posting it herself. However nobody knows if That is the case. It can be an old video send to Sam (or someone from the team, blackmailing her to do things like this to be able to call her children, friends, take a walk, not have to take medication etc.) 

Something they choose to upload now when She has had some luck in court and in the media. 

Before someone say that this 👆is ”just speculation and conspiracy theories”; 

 It is just speculation and conspiracy theories to say that she would run her social media, when She is under a conservatorship that has oppressed her in every way possible, even forbidden her to talk about the conservatorship or to make interviews that are not scripted and approved by her team in advance. There is nothing more ”factual” about claiming that she is posting and writing captions Freely on instagram than Thinking She don’t, UNDER ALL THE CIRCUMSTANCES.

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On 10/20/2020 at 1:35 PM, PZHSB said:

Guys. I do believe she is posting the content now. They’re trying to show the world what happens when she is given too much freedom..and it’s working because everyone is worried about her. I feel sick watching this tbh. This isn’t Britney. This is someone who has been over sexualized since a young age and feels she has to keep up that *** kitten act. This one really shook me. 

But now I agree with those Who speak of sexism. Let women Dance in their underwear. I don’t believe She posted this, but I do believe they WANT us to believe What you say, and to percieve it that way.

But She can be a *** kitten if she wants. Ffs, women deserves human rights whether they are prostitutes, **** actresses, striptease dancers, promiscuous, converting to a New religion every year, covered in tatoos, have shaved heads, 10000 piercings etc. Women deserve freedom ”Even” if they are depressed, anxious, have ptsd, bipolar disorder or whatever! The tradition of locking up people and Calling them crazy is a disgusting and shameful part of modernity just as racism and child abuse. 

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