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Theory: The End Of Katy Perry

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(three minute read)

Before embracing her quirky pop persona as Katy Perry, she'd been in lot of rejections and seamless record deals. Today in pop culture, it's a common knowledge that Perry started as a gospel artist in her teenage years before pursuing her dream as a California Gurl.

With wide influence of her religious upbringing, Perry introduced her first artistic image as Katy Hudson by releasing her eponymous full-length record. She appeared performing in some Christian and local tv shows to promote the album. However, due to bankruptcy of the record company, the physical distribution of album has put in halt. The project wasn't a breakthrough as intended, and underwhelmingly sold over 200 copies upon it's release. Now, it considered as a very rare piece.

Turning back to her roots, and embracing a more liberated and mainstream artistry. Perry managed to sign in three wasted contracts before her greatest break in 2007 with Capitol Records, earning a project deal of five studio albums. 

She became the asset of the record company; with nine No.1 hits on Billboard Hot 100, five Top 10 albums on Billboard Chart 200, and joined the elite 100 Million RIAA Units Achievements, among with four other artists.

With the release of her last studio album under Capitol Records, it might also the mark of a whole different phase for Katy Perry. Considering her recent activities after seven weeks of giving birth are quite quizzical; like the surprise release of her retrospective EP, Camp Katy, compiling some of the tracks from each of her records. And the availability of her debut album, Katy Hudson, on streaming services.

Some fans theorized the narratives from her fifth album [Smile] has hints of Perry's huge career change in the future. The closing contemporary track, What Makes A Woman, has the ending line of contentment, "There it is, Katheryn", speculating that she will finally leave the pop-oriented persona of Katy Perry, and going back to her real roots as Katheryn Hudson/Katy Hudson. Not to mention that her debut album is released on some streaming services with a separate profile as Katy Hudson instead of Katy Perry.

These dilemmas have been subjected since her 2017's livestream, Katy Perry Live: Witness World Wide, which Perry emoted that she doesn't want to see herself as Katy Perry anymore. And in a certain live interview, she revealed that she wanted to keep her blonde hair color because that's really what she is as [Katy Hudson], her natural hair color.

In addition, the 20th year anniversary of Katy Hudson [album] will be next year. Are we getting a KP6 or KH2?

- original concept theory by Bible Of Pop




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Pop isn’t working for her anymore so it would be interesting to see her try to reinvent herself and do a more authentic record. I feel like Smile failed because it was the most generic dated pop album she’s ever released. I’m sure with the reception it’s received, she’s been persuaded to pursue a different sound. 

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7 hours ago, Trentals said:

I would love Katy to go back to her pop/rock roots. I loved all her stuff with The Matrix. Her first album was dope. As were the tracks she wrote for herself that went to other artists like Kelly Clarkson.

Im here for the revival of the Pop/Rock sound 

Whaaat I didn't know Katy Perry worked with The Matrix :blast_explosion_skeleton_skull_fire_flames_boom:

I only knew them from creating the CLASSIC legendary album Let Go with Avril Lavigne. I'll have to go back and listen  :yasqueen_yes_wow_crying_praise_tears_wipe_sad:

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2 hours ago, Stefani said:

I feel like I'm on ATRL because they make this topic every couple of days. :nyheadache_miss_ny_new_york_tiffany_annoyed_head_rub_irritated_red_tired: What more is there to say about Katheryn? She released an album full of dated songs and she flopped [again]. The GP clearly said no to every song from that album except NRO and Daisies to some extent. I've seen people cite COVID-19 or Katheryn's pregnancy as a reason why the Smile era flopped, but that's just a typical stan excuse that doesn't work when you realize how much promo Katheryn did despite the terrible circumstances.

Anyway, she's Really Truly Over so can y'all move on? :rip_dead_grave_mariah_graveyard_flowers_rip:

I always think it's very unfair for any artists to tell their career is over, especially by just how declined the sales are compare to what they used to have. 

I mean, what about the indie artists that wasn't really selling enough but still thrive to put out hard work to their projects? 

Katy has managed to secure loyal and dedicated fans like other artists, and seeing her work for that wasn't really made her career any less. 

She's over of being in the bubble of some people who based their music taste on charts and sales. :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek:

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2 hours ago, alexxxx said:

I don't think the GP cares about her anymore so it's no use. I feel like going back to her signature dark hair might get some buzz around her and help restart her career but other than that nnnnope.

Well, most people is not even aware that she was a gospel artist. So if ever she will rebrand herself into a less known name as Katy Hudson, what's the difference of GP caring about her career?

For those who criticized Katy, the only things excite them was since she cuts her hair. 

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She's always been basic, generic, and conventional.  People don't care about Katy Perry the "artist", the GP don't want serious , edgy or deep music from Katy Perry. They just want to see her having fun and showing her big tities. She's never had a real fanbase to begin with , compared to Gaga for example who managed to create a niche/cult following that is completely obsessed with her.

The problem with Katy is that her art requires relatively little analytical work, it's quite chewed and pre-chewed so there's not really a desire to learn from such a one-dimentional pop mythology.

Some popstars like Lady Gaga, Madonna etc require a very heavy work of decoding, and indeed, Lady Gaga justifies very well that there is a community of fans because she offers a universe, unlike popstars who just offer a product already ready to consume. The mythology of a popstar has to be both interesting and offer possibilities to explore.

Even when Gaga started flopping she still had a dedicated fanbase, analyzing every step in her career. which isn't the case for Katy. Her artistic identity/persona is generic. There's nothing about her that makes you want to analyse , question, or learn things from. She's vanilla.

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