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Billboard Music Awards ratings down 62% from last year's show

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11 minutes ago, A.a.A said:

I don't think that's it. You can literally say that about any generation of musicians. And most people say about every new generation.

And the "shine" and glamour that your speaking of was gone when Twitter became a thing. Once you can connect with your faves directly. It was over. The things your speaking about are more your perception/opinion of this generations musicians,  not necessarily the reason why award shows are dying out. There's really no logical correlation between those two things.

Just looking at the thumbnail for this Topic on the front page showcases my entire point.  Britney, Christine, Aaliya, Tony Braxton, Jessica Simpson, 98 Degrees, the spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, Backstreet Boys, Nsync.  They were all presentable.  Artists today go on stage looking like garbage.

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4 hours ago, NastyT said:

I think that people have reevaluated their lives since Covid-19, and watching self entitled narcissists collect awards while giving speeches that are political and divisive, are no longer of interest to many. I didn’t watch. 

Not to sound like an old fart but what happened to the times where stars have publicist to save them from acting a fool and actually be professional. Like sometimes I don’t want to hear that stuff, just accept your award and go

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8 minutes ago, Puppy said:

That’s amazing man and what’s wonderful was seeing her bloom out. You can see she was nervous in the beginning but she kept going and soon we saw that light in her eyes and you can tell she found her confidence again.   

I thought the same! She BLOOMED on stage!! Lovely way to put it <3

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19 hours ago, britney_rocks said:

People are also tired of watching shows that turn everything into politics. Hence why the NBA ratings are down too. We want entertainment to escape the **** that is going on. So stop pushing this political agenda down our throats 

That’s why I hate Demetria. :spit_lmao_spitting_spraying_lol_hehe_haha_laugh_jlaw_jennifer_lawrence:


Off topic but is true tho :shameless_blush_blonde_hair_stroke_proud:


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