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Britney: a taste of Red

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1 minute ago, s&m said:

I’m so tired of this.. Let the woman be! Her taste is a little tacky but that’s it

Are you quoting my music comment or responding to the pics? Idk what is up with fans thinking Britney is too ****** by showing her stomach these days. What in the world

Either way Britney is involved with taking pics (who knows why) and sharing online so no one is going out of their way to not let her be. 




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I'm sorry, she's gorgeous and has an amazing body... but I don't like this kind of photos

A taste of Red is her wearing a Red bra? So the full thing is her wearing a matching red bottom? 

I am sorry. But this is so trashy. And borderline concerning.

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when her hair condition remains like this for an alleged "fancy" "photoshoot" that's been "advertised" for it is a dead giveaway she is unable to be kempt.

It is hard for her to use a brush, comb, shampoo, and conditioner regularly, and that happens when your mind is elsewhere :shaking_shake_gold_yellow:.   


sorry not sorry. there's nothing wrong with a lack of sanitation sometimes for off days, but in promo situations it just screams something is super off. imo. 

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I’m getting major Original Doll/Blackout/Rebellion/2007 vibes.... :smokney_britney_smoke_cigarette_chaotic_2004_exhale_blow:

it’s fun to imagine her creating something LoFi, independently and releasing it on her own... obviously she’s under contract and there’s a lot standing in the way, but maybe she gives zero ****s :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know:

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46 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

Are you quoting my music comment or responding to the pics? Idk what is up with fans thinking Britney is too ****** by showing her stomach these days. What in the world

Either way Britney is involved with taking pics (who knows why) and sharing online so no one is going out of their way to not let her be. 




I quoted you because I agree with you! :wink_britney_everytime_white:

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1 hour ago, Bundy said:


I have thought about this too. First If anyone around her say to her that the way her videos/pics look dont help her. I mean someone close to her could say "Britney I do think u can look whatever u want and there is nothing wrong with that, but u are fighting to remove ur dad while he already used ur Instagram against u"

Tbh I think maybe no one around her says anything bc they are all on Jamies side and she can only see people Jamie approves. I wonder If she even has a clue about what is posted on her Instagram.

But I dont understand why she keeps recording/sending them stuff. I know maybe she thinks people want to know what she has been up to, but if her instagram isnt controlled by her (which I dont think its at all), she is only giving the people she fights more fuel to the fire. I wish she wouldnt do anything for them anymore, so everyone in the world could see she doesnt have any control over her instagram or anything and that she was refusing to be their puppet anymore. I think itd be good for her case.

Unless her pics go to a cloud and they get the content from there. 

Tbh I dont even know what to think about her videos anymore. 

I wrote this in another thread, that I don't think she sees her Instagram at all. And that's the biggest mystery to me... how come she stands in front of a paper, reading some canned message off of it, presumably knowing full well that she's lying, and still goes through with it? What are they holding above her head? They took away her children already. She's fighting them in court. So what on earth is happening? Because it doesn't make sense that she'd genuinely want to do this at all.

edit: I accidentally quoted your post from another thread and didn't realize it. That's what I get for having 70 tabs open...

2 hours ago, Hungry Hun said:

But there's so little someone like her could do with a 1k allowance. She went to target and bought the camera, the lights and the white blanket and probably got out of cash so how on earth could she hire pros to do a photoshoot without Jamie allowing it  :oprah_well_there_you_have_it_proof_see_hand:

  Reveal hidden contents

Thats sad :crying3_britney_sobbing_tears_sad:


Her team would arrange it, if she had a decent one. It would help the public perception of her, which is why it isn't happening. I wasn't suggesting she do that, just saying what could have been.

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The only thing I see as concerning about this is that we don’t know how this particular photo came about. But that’s because I’m more worried about how she’s being treated behind closed doors. The timing of this photo once again has me thinking.

I’m just gonna say it, if everything was normal, meaning no cship etc, I wouldn’t give a single f* about this photo, because it’s her body and her Instagram and she can do whatever the heck she wants. I’m not about to shame people for that. PuBlIc ImAgE. Stop worrying on behalf of other people.

but since nothing is in fact normal, I am worried. Deeply so. They need to stop doing this crap every time a court hearing is about to happen.

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3 hours ago, UKasz.b said:

OMG what the heck?! Creepy af. Now you can see clearly that she's not ok. She still has some mental problems. That's why freebritney movement is a bs and conservatorship must to be kept. 

If anything this proves the conservatorship is not serving its purpose. They are supposed to take care of her. If she isn't getting the proper help to work through her "mental issues" then they aren't doing their job. Millions of people live everyday lives with some degree of mental illness.  You dont have to be controlled to do so. 

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Bear with me because I’m going through a moment right now. I really hope things will get better for her soon, asap. 
this picture does NOT prove she’s “mentally incredibly unwell.” What it (and everything else) proves is that she’s incredibly stressed and her “team” is exploiting it by always conveniently showing us things they know will get people concerned, always at a time right before a hearing. I don’t understand how they don’t see this proves even more that they’re not doing their supposed job right. Because they’re putting her on display. She jumps from one mood to another, not necessarily real time, as the pics and videos are from random af dates it seems. And they’re putting it on display for shock value. If they plan on using this in court, I’d love to see how they’re going to explain why they even allow this to be posted in the first place. They’re trying really hard to make her look unstable to justify a cship. As if to say look it’s worse without Jamie. One second you see her talk about God, the next you see this. As I said before, these kinda pics would be totally ok for me if everything was ok. But it isn’t. And I’m tired of people being stupid and falling for this plot. Because even if she was so mentally unwell, it doesn’t change that she’s not getting the right help. Sorry for the rant.

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  1. Britney refuses to work until the abuse and conservatorship ends or at least someone suitable controls all of this.
  2. This would not be allowed in a professional person or a professional team.
  3. Britney continues to have bruises and absolutely no one has noticed bruises.
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