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Video: possible Original Doll demo w/ filtered vocals

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I subscribed to this YouTube page about a week ago, in which they upload unreleased instrumentals and demos. This morning they uploaded a video with filtered vocals under the name "Original Doll (Vocal Concept Demo)". I tend to not believe every demo I hear, but from listening to these lyrics, it may be legit!

Due to the filtering, I couldn't make out all the words. 

The voice sings "I go enjoy my day / there will be an un display / i'm not sure on what I am / don't try to get me hypnotized / times changing and so am I / with this ring I choose my man"

"The next time you see my face / all the plastic will be erased / this is where I take some space (yeah) / ??? girl ??? ??? ???"

"What's up y'all / ain't ??? small / make you wanna say stop (uh) / an original doll / just ??? ??? (yeah) / knock my head on the wall / wanna look for yourself / the... original doll"

"It is some respect I want / here is my chance to belong / I wanna laugh and say ???back / i'm done and i'm glad / can dance now in the sun / I wanna ??? to write this track now".

Take a listen for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-I2d-GQkI8


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2 hours ago, ElenaB said:

could someone upload it with a higher pitch? maybe that distorted voice is Britney’s :idkney_britney_glory_carpool_karaoke_unsure_idk_nervous:

You don’t even have to do that to guarantee that this is 100% not Britney. This wouldn’t even class a writers demo, let alone a ‘vocal concept’. Obvious fake is beyond fake. Pretty sad that ppl spend time doing this lol


edit: also the majority of the other videos from that channel are filtered instrumentals of unreleased songs (and not specifically clarified as filtered - potentially attempting to be passed off as official) made using phonicmind or something similar, then the odd intentional low quality beat being sold as ‘glory instrumental demos’. Instrumental demos are RARELY a thing. The only fanbase they’re really worth anything/genuine are Gaga’s ie Babylon Haus Remix from Chromatica and a few confirmed demo instrumentals from the Artpop era that were released herself as stock music for various side projects she did.

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