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Justin Bieber teams up with Benny Blanco for new song "Lonely"

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I like it a lot! I genuinely love his voice and benny has a lot of good productions. I hope he continues to collab with DJs/well-known producers because Where Are Ü Now, Cold Water, Let Me Love You, and 2U are all top tier songs.


The lo-O-o-Onely kinda reminded me of yodeling at one point tho :orangu_orangutan_ape:


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49 minutes ago, Slayer said:

I love the lyrics/message, I like the song!

I know people hate him but jeez be respectful, he's talking about mental health issues and acknowledges past bad behaviour.

If this was an artist you liked you'd praise them, no need to bash.


I do genuinely like him though... it’s just that this narrative of “I’m a celebrity, I have no privacy, ahhh, help me” has gotten very stale. 

Honestly in times like these (pandemic, civic unrest) it really puts into perspective our problems. 

A beautiful and rich celebrity who’s “lonely” isn’t going to be a top priority anymore. 
we used to care because the world was in a better place. 


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His playing the victim card again? this is very Scooter Braun type, to capitalise thru emotions/drama.

I will count this as a statement cause this is not a song at all, cute but no.

If they want to have a successful era again he should start with bops again like Sorry and Where Are U Now.

Ain't nobody here for Lonely and Holy.

The best song he released so far with this vibe is this one, and it's a good one:



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