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Britney's dad Jamie is "very concerned" that Britney is being given too much freedom regarding decisions about her medical treatment

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PMSL Yep.....he wasnt worried about her doing world tours, vegas residencies, albums etc but hes worried shes now getting some freedom with HER money. Just proves what ive said all along on here

Actually yeh picking up on what joe sp has said, its funny how in January 2019 he was apparently on 'death's door', he seems fine now i guess 

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The only thing Jamie is concerned about is not getting caught  #FreeBritney

“Britney is being given a lot of freedom about making her own decisions when it comes to her medical treatment,”    nice to know that bc i feel like there's plenty of cool alternative meds a

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13 hours ago, Forever22 said:

We have speculated that when Bryan stepped in to be tour manager Britney thrived. Now with Jodi being her personal conservator the same thing is happening. 

Respect her wishes and keep James out of her affairs and business. It’s pretty clear. 

you know what ive just thought, Jodi is a professional who must have dealt with a lot of people under cship [i dont know, just guessing] and she must know exactly when a person is 'unfit' to make any decisions for themselves. So it says it all that Jodi the 'professional' who probably knows more than Jamie does, is apparently allowing Britney to have more say and freedom over HER money an;d Jamie, the one who isnt a professional is apparently 'worried' about Britney having control

..................just says what majority of us have thought all along about money grabbing daddy Spears!! 

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Jamie only cares about Britney's money. He's worried her "freedom" is causing her to question the financial stuff. If there was nothing going on with the money, Jamie wouldn't give a damn about his daughter. 

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On 10/7/2020 at 5:40 PM, Britney-fan12332143 said:

Jodie i think is on Britney's Side. She might be good

yeh thats my theory as well tbh which is probably why Jamie isnt happy. i mean i know we can only go on what tabloids are saying but the thing that really irked me was when i read Britney wanted to have another baby and it said Jamie apparently 'wanted her to concentrate on her career'. and i thought OK so shes under a cship which is put in place for people who are 'mentally incapable' of running their own finances'.......but the same woman is 'capable enough' to do world tours, vegas residencies albums etc PLUS have 50/50 custody of the boys which was ruined by her father losing his temper and hurting one of her sons, the same father whose labelling Britney 'mentally incapable'.  How does that work? 

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On 10/7/2020 at 8:05 AM, Roger said:

He is ******* disgusting I wanna throw up he is vile, mean and heartless, she does not deserve any of this I hope he is gonna pay for what he did to her 



Wishing death on someone is disgusting. So I view people that do just as vile and nasty of a human being as him. And it doesn't matter if you were "just trying to make a point." You said it. 

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On 10/7/2020 at 4:51 AM, britneyluv said:

Chester, I would love to hear more, as long as you're comfortable with sharing. I remember as a naive college student back in 2008 thinking the conservatorship was the best thing for Britney. Now as a 31 year old attorney with knowledge of the legal system, it seems like something is clearly not right. There are plenty of celebrities who go through meltdowns but none are subject to the kind of restrictions Britney is under. I think that the temporary conservatorship likely saved her life, but I can't understand why she is still under a personal, rather than financial, conservatorship, especially when it seems like she has come so far and probably has no interest in the kinds of things she did 13 years ago.

I could be completely wrong, but I just fail to comprehend why there is so much discussion over the fact that her finances need oversight while ignoring the fact that when it comes to her personal affairs, she does not seem to be taking risks the way she did when the conservatorship was first instituted, especially since Jamie is objectively the reason why she currently has less time with her kids.

Honestly there is not much else to say. My conservatorship works because my conservator does her job the way she’s supposed to do it. She helps me when I need her and otherwise quite literally f*cks off when I don’t need her. Even when I was in and out of the hospital my opinion was still heard when it was appropriate. Of course there’s still abuse happening in my country too. Mainly with the elderly unfortunately. Britney’s cship works the way it does because it’s corrupted. At the very least, we know her finances have been severely mismanaged. I honestly think this is just their way of getting rid of Jamie, since he’s already stepped down as co conservator of the person. It’ll be interesting to see what happens after.

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On 10/6/2020 at 7:49 PM, Dirk said:

“Britney is being given a lot of freedom about making her own decisions when it comes to her medical treatment,” 


nice to know that bc i feel like there's plenty of cool alternative meds available, knowing that I believe she doesn't have nothing major besides some trauma and anxiety and of course there's still a doctor looking for her even with this freedom. it seems she's choosing the doctor and the best treatment for her so good news 

I totally agree with you in almost everything. The only exception is that I do think, no matter how corrupted and crooked the court has been after, I doubt they would have placed a conservatorship without her having some mental issue and to be honest, her demeanor showed sonething was not 100% right

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