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B10 : Magnum Opus (B10 concept/promo schedule)


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First before I post anything... I want to say I do not support a new album right now with the restraints Britney is under. I want her to be free... whether that’s making music ever again or not. This is simply just a creative idea I’ve thought about and for my own fun.  

Once again this is purely my thoughts and is not intended to offend.

-album magnum opus would be post conservatorship. 

-I also imagine this like her emancipation of Mimi era just bigger.

-the album has 18-20 tracks (which is long but it’s her return after freedom and homegirl has ALOT to say.

-Britney is involved with this album more personally than ever before. Writing several songs completely on her own. Some even coming from poems and journal entries she’s wrote over the years.

- this album comes 6 months to a year  after conservatorship has been lifted and she’s free. She’s been working on it for awhile.


-the artwork is very angelic.  Very “Mona Lisa “ artwork.. very Leonardo davinci.”  Album cover is Britney in a beautiful blue piece... modern and fitting to the artwork of the time... I always imagine light blue and Britney is looking up to the sky with a whimsical, triumphant gaze with her finger pointing to the sky. Wavy, flowing, long blonde hair.. she has angels, clouds ect. behind her.




-Debut single : The best is yet to come debuted as the opener for the 2022 Vmas. No prior promotion or announcement; a complete surprise! 

-Music video premier on YouTube with Britney doing a chat the same week... having a big party on the YouTube live stream... really engaging with fans. (Obviously the music video is high budget with Joseph Khan  as director)


-Netflix documentary on the making the album and Britney getting her autonomy back. Ground breaking and sometimes I imagine it isn’t just a Netflix exclusive becomes one of the first in a multi million dollar, multi streaming platform deal.  

-The world is waiting for an in-depth interview and delivers in a two hour... tell all with Gayle King which airs during album release week.


-I imagine a brand deal a multi million dollar one maybe announced or the campaign is started before any album promo is started. Like about 3-6 months before the surprise vma performance she partners with Nike, Adidas, Puma ect and billboards, commercials, magazine and social media adds begin to appear. Nothing signifying an album release just the beginning of a partnership and something that helps set up for the era and during the era.

-Two weeks after initial Vma debut Britney goes to snl to perform albums debut single and a promo single.  This promo single is a very autobiographical ballad and is played by Britney on the piano. Right after the ballad is released on steaming and to purchase however it is the not the second single. 

-Of course during the first month of the new era Britney is going on many tv spots performing, and giving interviews. Even going to the UK, Asia ect to perform and promote.


**** Album release****

-Netflix/steaming documentary premiers album release day


-official second single released on release day... its a collab with Beyonce... it’s a huge hit with a massive music video. (I chose Beyonce because she’s really impactful and respected and I would just love this to happen.. don’t drag me it’s just my opinion) it becomes the second number one from the album and stays there for weeks.

-The gayle king interview would air during this week as well.


-Britney gives exclusive content to all music services that differentiate from the other

* Apple Music would have an acoustic concert. 


*Spotify would have a curated playlist of what inspires Britney, what she’s listening to now, what inspired the album. Of course she would serve us the vertical videos for each track. 

* Amazon music would have an in-depth  interview  explaining of the lyrics track by track.


*Tidal would have behind the scenes of the making of the two music videos. 



-also Britney has a tell all autobiography coming out.. tying in with the album release titled: “Magnum Opus” same cover as the album. 

-she embarks on a world stadium tour.. the era is just so massive.


-I go back and forth with a stadium tour movie having a theatrical release but let’s say it does. 


Anyway Magnum Opus would be huge. Like Adele numbers huge. Diamond status.... and really put Britney on the map again in a big way. It would really be the best era and primeny coming back but even better now that’s she’s been free. 

I say all this with sensitivity to Britney’s situation and hope that she does what’s right for her and makes her happy I just saw this as a fun idea. 



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6 minutes ago, Eda said:

This is unrealistic to me. VERY GOOD IDEA thought.  


Yes I mean it’s really just like I thought if she ever wanted to be out there again in a big way and have like her emancipation of Mimi era.. what would that look like. 

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2 minutes ago, JonJon92 said:

thought if she ever wanted to be out there again in a big way and have like her emancipation of Mimi era.. what would that look like. 

She doesnt want to be BIGGEST . Its totaly ok since she already was (98-08 )     

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2 minutes ago, Eda said:

She doesnt want to be BIGGEST . Its totaly ok since she already was (98-08 )     

I fully support and understand that. This is completely fiction so I just think you never know when she gets her freedom what direction she will go. If she decides to do music I think if it’s something she has complete artistic and marketing control.... who knows what she would want to do. Kinda like Mariah... a lot of ppl thought she was over and she also had her own personal issues hon g on in the early 2000’s but came back with an amazing and successful era once she was free. 

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