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Did you guys ever embrace the music your parents played when you were a kid.


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Being Born in 1984. I'm a pre digital baby. 

And listening to The new Super Deluxe reissue of Prince's 1987 Double album Sign O' The Times. 


My Mom raised me on The greatest R&B music of her day. 


Prince, Michael Jackson (Several memories of playfully fighting Thriller or Bad being played on the record player) of course the cute 4 year old won. Bad. 


It dawned on me some of my favorite artists came from just being introduced to them at such a young age. 


Plus you want that musical connection to your favorite parent. 


I don't know my father, Trying to ask my mom is like bringing a bad subject to her. So like she said. Your my kid, who cares about the other half. Just embrace this side. 


But listening to the old school R&B Records makes me smile. 


Cos all over my timeline is How did we get to WAP, and how do we shelter our kids from music like this. 


So what music acts do you Stan from your parents playing them as a kid.


Cos most of my lamb friends born between 97-00 is a lamb cos of their family whether older siblings or their mom. 


I did notice most gay kids rarely talk about their father. 

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I live with my mom (I dont have a dad) in israel and were mizrahim (Easters (her parents are from morocco and Kurdistan) 

when i was young my mom only listend to mizrahi music. 


Mizrahi music refers to a music genre in Israel that combines elements from Europe, North Africa and the Arab world, and is mainly performed by Israelis of Mizrahi descent. It is usually sung in Hebrew, literary Hebrew, or colloquial Arabic. The literal translation of Mizrahi from Hebrew is "Eastern".




And me; her gay single son dont like any of that. like if i would hear that  i would be happy and groove in but i wont play it on my won will. 

I preferer Britney; Panic; Sufjan kind of "american" music. 

Its really funny when i listen to hebrew music; I prefer "Ashke**** music"



In Israel, the term Ashke**** is now used in a manner unrelated to its original meaning, often applied to all Jews who settled in Europe[citation needed] and sometimes including those whose ethnic background is actually Sephardic. Jews of any non-Ashke**** background, including Mizrahi, Yemenite, Kurdish and others who have no connection with the Iberian Peninsula, have similarly come to be lumped together as Sephardic. Jews of mixed background are increasingly common, partly because of intermarriage between Ashke**** and Sephardi/Mizrahi, and partly because many do not see such historic markers as relevant to their life experiences as Jews.[3]

The Ashke**** Chief Rabbi of Israel is an honored leadership role given to a respected Ashke**** rabbi. The Chief Rabbi may make determinations regarding matters of halakha that affect the public and this position also has political overtones. Some religiously affiliated Ashke**** Jews in Israel may be more likely to support certain religious interests in Israel, including certain political parties. These political parties result from the fact that a portion of the Israeli electorate votes for Jewish religious parties; although the electoral map changes from one election to another, there are generally several small parties associated with the interests of religious Ashke**** Jews. The role of religious parties, including small religious parties that play important roles as coalition members, results in turn from Israel's composition as a complex society in which competing social, economic, and religious interests stand for election to the Knesset, a unicameral legislature with 120 seats.[4]

In 2018, 31.8% of Israeli Jews self-identified as Ashke****, in addition to 12.4% being immigrants from the former USSR, a majority of whom self-identify as Ashke****.[5] They have played a prominent role in the economy, media, and politics[6] of Israel since its founding. During the first decades of Israel as a state, strong cultural conflict occurred between Sephardic and Ashke**** Jews (mainly east European Ashke****m). The roots of this conflict, which still exists to a much smaller extent in present-day Israeli society, are chiefly attributed to the concept of the "melting pot".[7] That is to say, all Jewish immigrants who arrived in Israel were strongly encouraged to "melt down" their own particular exilic identities within the general social "pot" in order to become Israeli.[8]




Its funny that a really big part of the israeli entrainment industry is full of gay married man (like gay married) with kids and israel wont recognize gay marriage 

3 of the artist above (Ran Danker, Ivri Lider and Hearel Skatt) are gay. 

plus Israel is the first county to win the Eurovision with a TRANSGANDER singer.   


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