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Rolling Stone names Britney Spears' "Blackout" in their Top 500 Best Albums of All Time list

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Lol this list has been around for ever. Good to see it updated with more current albums. This is the first time she has ever been on this list!! Good to see people in the industry voting for blackout as one of the best ever! 

- I can’t believe how many Kanye albums there are in the list. The industry loves him

- LOL at no Justin Timberlake albums. Wow has he fallen off. Must suck to NOT be loved anymore. 
-Beyoncé has a destiny child album and Beyoncé and lemonade in the list

-glory will never be on this list. Sorry it may be a fan fav but it didn’t change or impact the industry. 
- I kinda wanted oidia or itz to make the list as well. But the fact that she made it at all is a victory. 

- some albums age out while some stand the test of time and trends. Congrats to Blackout! 


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6 hours ago, Xfactor Sam said:

You mean to tell me not a single Justin Timberlake album made the list? Not even God/S.ex/Love/Sounds? :jtum_justin_timberlake_surprised_wow_um_blink_eyebrows_shocked:Yet they have the nerve to include Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny ?  :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe:  That’s embarrassing.   This ranking is cancelled  :begone_tiffany_miss_ny_new_york_ms_door_there_leave_bye_goodbye:. I’ve wasted 15 minutes scrolling that I will never get back. :flop_britney_candies:

> FutureSex/LoveSounds

> 500 Best Albums of All Time

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