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Rolling Stone names Britney Spears' "Blackout" in their Top 500 Best Albums of All Time list

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This list is trash. How the hell is Juvenile even on the list?! And how does Kanye get every album of his ranked? This is some biased bulls***t. Definitely some hits though. Mary J got represented pretty well, so did Fiona (but latest album deserved to be featured). How is Folklore not featured but other recent releases are? Alanis and Sheryl Crow only get one album? No Garbage (pretty sure either debut or 2.0 coulda been nominated)? So many misses, I blame Kanye. Kanye West Shrug GIF

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This is a big deal. Yes, she deserves to be way higher, and yes, several other Britney albums should be on the list, but her inclusion at all comes after decades of being shunned, even belittled by critics. This list is updated semi-regularly, and this is a hugely important first step in normalizing her rightful inclusion amongst other acclaimed works.

A huge congrats to Britney.

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