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Britney posts a Birthday message to her sons

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3 hours ago, BONO Productions said:

This is just heartbreaking. I hate myself for being a snowflake, I'm crying right now. :crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad:

The fact that she posted this sort of "advance birthday greeting" means there's a high chance that she's not allowed to see them. :katycry_perry_crying_tears_sad_sobbing:


Exactly, this is getting me so emotional. 

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10 hours ago, Bundy said:

Oh yeah, I also think shes shady and she has shaded Britney in the past and was dragged by the fans. Actually idk I have an impression maybe they dont even care that much about her or even If they do its bc shes their little sisters mother and they sure do seem to love their sisters. I do think they love, are closer and respect Kevin tho. Jaydens live made me think even more that they are really closer to Kevin. But yeah, sadly I dont think they respect Britney that much (Preston bc of those two videos where I thought he seemed disrespectful towards Britney and Jayden bc of his life as a whole) and I blame not only the cship, but Kevin as well. If his lawyer have shaded Britney publicly for years, of course I dont think Kevin respects Britney. Imagine what they could have heard from Kevins mouth about Britney and the fact Jayden already is talking about her money says a lot. Does he know Britney pays for everything at Kevins house? Did he hear Kevin talking about her as a money machine ever? I think he doesnt care at all about her feelings even tho this affects his kids as well. I think Kevin sees her as a money machine and thats all he cares about. The cship also played a huge part bc she only has visitation rights and couldnt never fight for their custody again. 

I hope they are curious about the whole thing and start to research on their own tbh. I know they are only kids, but this affects them and they have to know that Britney didnt have a choice since 2008, that shes trapped and she did whatever she could do see/be with them more in the past. I hope they can see how many people (including their own loving grandmother) did Britney wrong and all bc of money. Tbh I think Kevin probably says to them to not say anything. Maybe he even tell them she needs the cship and they should stay away from that? After Jaydens live I bet Kevin said some things to both of them to keep their mouths shut. We have to remember that Kevin benefits from the cship as well and of course he wouldnt want Britney out bc she could fight for their custody and then there wouldnt be more child support he and the rest of his family clearly lives off.

He must know a lot about Jamie, yet he doesnt help Britney. That says a lot about him as a person tbh. He wanted a restraining order against Jamie, but that was it. Why didnt he went after Jamie on the court??? That could have helped Britney and probably thats why he didnt do It. The boys were probably scared and he didnt want Jamie around anymore, so he did the minimum just to keep Jamie away but not to help Britney at the same time. I mean the fact she was praised by his lawyer for taking them out of Jamies hands and yet she wasnt with them on their bdays (Kevin even worked on Prestons bday last year in NY but of course they were at Kevins house at the day), she wasnt with them on her bday (Victorias bday is on the same day, I bet Kevin made them stay with her instead). Christmas was on one of the days she would have them either way, yet she only had them for like 8 hours or smt, the same amount of time shed have them any other day of the week, they couldnt sleep there even on Christmas.

The sad part is Kevin, his wife and other kids live off Prestons and Jaydens child support while Kevins lazy *** doesnt work and Britney cant fight for their custody and doesnt control her own money, I mean Kevins child support is way higher than Britneys allowance. Everyone benefits more from Britneys hard earned money than herself. Kevin has other kids, is married and Britney is under a cship where she cant have more kids, barely sees her two sons (smt isnt her choice), shes basically alone in her house with securities and a shady bf. Britney doesnt even have her horrible family around her. Shes pretty much alone. Whats even sadder to me is Britney wanted them for them, she never had ulterior motives like Kevin with the money. Jamie and Kevin has used them to get what they want (to make Britney work, to get more money off Britney) and all Britney ever wanted was to be with them bc she loves them, she never used them to get anything. Thats pure love. 

The day those boys find out the truth about Kevin, that their dad is this leech with no real job and was complicit of Jamie, a person they hate now, will be an interesting day.

Yes, Britney's life seems very sad, she doesn't deserve any of this crap.

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4 hours ago, sweetkiss said:

yeah long time ago when I was snooping on Victoria instagram she said Britney is crazy. I can just imagine what they say privately. Super disrespectful.

Really? Wow I didn't see that.

Not shocking, Victoria seems ignorant and like I mentioned it's more likely the couple (Kevin and her) says not good things about Britney. The dog story Jayden heard maybe was something his father camp told him.

Victoria implied one time to a Britney fan that Brit wasn't the mother for the boys fans think she is, this was during the Kevin vs Jamie battle for more money in 2018.

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Britney talking about her sons and the abuse James did is her ticket to kick him out of her c-ship. Lynne needs to speak up about the abuse too. 

It’s truly disturbing the dynamic between Britney & sons via K-Fed and James. In their own ways they manipulated the kid situation to suit themselves and their needs. Truly sad. 

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Since 2016 Britney does not celebrate and enjoy her children's birthday.

4 hours ago, Buffybot said:

Victoria implied one time to a Britney fan that Brit wasn't the mother for the boys fans think she is, this was during the Kevin vs Jamie battle for more money in 2018.

I saw that comment and I found it very disgusting that she said it publicly, but it is true that with Victoria they have lived and grew up like Kevin and Victoria. Britney only has the visits and now she only has hours and minutes.

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