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This Day in Pop: Britney debuts as a judge on The X Factor USA in 2012 (September 12)

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8 hours ago, Gagabritxxx said:

Everything about this era was a mess, even the interviews. We had awkwardney..This q&a with the Fans was a mess 00:30 seconds.. I can’t omg 😂😂😂   “What are you thinking to do for your next album?”  Britney: No 


OMG this was so hard to watch  :teigen:  poor Candace didn't have a chance :omggg:

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9 hours ago, thebritmaster said:

X Factor marked the end of a lot of Britney’s relevance unfortunately. I don’t think her performance on the show was very popular with the public 

I actually disagree this was Britney 3rd biggest peak. Yes ppl discussed her during live shows being somewhat meh but Britney was still in very high demand and always talked about on those gossip shows excess Hollywood etc n And her next album highly anticipated. She was still the biggest name in pop at this time. I think the release of bj n meh reviews of her dancing in pom is what led to a decline in her popularity. 

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