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B Army CALLED OUT PERSONALLY! (& Perez spreading misinformation)

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I'm not going to give anything to do with Perez any clicks or attention. It's clear who's side he is on, he's so vile.

and he wonders why he’s still single and hasn’t been on a date in over a decade 

What I don't understand is anyone that is against the fans or against the conservatorship ending, it's like, why do they feel so personally attacked that someone wants it to come to an end, or that so

Perez hates the Britney community because we hate him. He has no real reason to be against us but because we tear him apart every time he opens his fugly mouth it hurts him so he feels like he has to attack us so he can feel some what better about his ****ty self. 

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He called ppl supporting freeBritney dip**** fans. I mean we all been knew Perez is all about talking sht about ppl. This is how he got his site promoted -talking sht about ppl. But u know that he will get that he deserve. He will do anything for attention and money. 

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2 hours ago, MathCarmignani said:

He's ALREADY wrong because docs are leaking like crazy and we are actually having a lot of fun reading through them because

A: Ingham has this new iconic and ironic personality suddenly and is jabbing the crap out of team con every time he has a chance

B: team con's answers and statements are dumb af and we are loving to uncover every lie they tell

So u know, Perez once again proves he is a brainless shaitsack that has no acknowledge on any matter he chooses to cover on his tasteless and irrelevant website or whatever, why are we talking about him anyways?

perhaps they bought him back during his Circus cameo and he is gonna be uncovered too? how else did they sue him during Blackout and then get him too cameo for Circus lol he is performing. he is a court jester. 

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3 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

What I don't understand is anyone that is against the fans or against the conservatorship ending, it's like, why do they feel so personally attacked that someone wants it to come to an end, or that someone doubts that it's a good thing, it's like, why do they care so much as if they were benefiting from it, or as if they were gonna get affected if it turns out the conservatorship is indeed something bad for her?

If they're so convinced of what they believe, why even pay attention to what "crazy fans" have to say? Just stay in the wrong side of history and ignore everything else.

Maybe in the case of Perez, he has guilt for wishing her death in 2007, and posting all the unflattering/darkest moments Britney was going through for laughs and ridicule. :staysalty_hands_rub_so_there_blue_walk_away_made_my_point:

He was also paid for his appearance in the Circus tour so... doubly guilty? :checkit:

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10 hours ago, VCTR said:

Remember that time that one website last summer tried to promote this dude's single about being a boomer? That was real awkward, am I right? 


Can you elaborate on this? I laugh because I hate him and also because you are pretty :makeup:

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4 minutes ago, BONO Productions said:

He's a clout chasing, miserable, and fugly ***hole who always tries to be involved in everyone's business to stay relevant. 

This is why I've always hated the Circus Tour Interlude. 

Both Demi and Gaga have restraining orders against this psycho. It truly tells you everything. At one point Gaga was afraid 4 her life

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 I am so over the cruel opinions of that sun dried raisin.

When he first came up I thought he was like the gay online version of kathy griffin or joan rivers, overly harsh but you knew it was just a tease and welcome to tease back. Unfortunately he got very dark and abusive. Tearing down women, men, and children for $$$.  Not shocked he

is on the fathers side.

We all say things we regret and hurt people. So I hoped he was bettering himself, taking care of his body,  becoming a parent.  Maybe that would give him more empathy.   Unfortunately being a parent doesn’t automatically bestow one with values or a good moral compass. 

I’m not mad he has a platform or that he has an opinion.  I just find those opinions are often harmful, dark, and hyper critical so I stay clear of that platform and anything he is involved with.

Toss that hangry hctib a snickers and have his derrière watch Bambi 


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