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New court documents filed by Jamie say Britney refused to make an appearance at The Zone, forcing him to refund $1 million advance

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Well Done Britney

According to new court docs, Britney Spears refused to make an appearance at The Zone, a merchandise experience / tour dedicated to Britney, forcing her estate to refund the $1 million advance. 

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 I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean

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Sorry if this was mentioned already but I just happened to go to The Zone's website/webstore and saw that there was a giveaway for a free backpack with Britney patches BUT when you click the link the giveaway doesn't exist and takes you to the "Pride" section. No purchase necessary, guys. All you have to do is pray to Lou and except Jesus into your heart and hole. 




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So they prove the c-ship is all about money, like we didn’t already know. Also that Zone crap was tacky and cheap AF - her career is the last thing I care about in all this but they make everything so cheap and ****, ugly merchandise, tacky **** Zone crap set in an old Kmart, they’re the ones destroying her legacy. Also if any of y’all follow that smug little ****head ‘influencer’ Daniel Preda who used to date Joey Graceffa he was promoting The Zone cos his friends worked on it and when fans pointed out all the dodgy **** to him he was calling everyone delusional and conspiracy theorists. Smug little ****, don’t let ********* like that forget, same with the 2 ********** who did the Britney podcast, don’t ever support anything they do again, they’re like everyone else - happy to make money off her while she has no choice.

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1.  YAASS Britney... continue to not give af until they actually care about you or until you're finally free from them!

2.  I'm wondering if The Zone is actually run by a third-party and Britney (the company) gets revenue and commission from ticket sales for licensing her image, brand, and assets. That's not uncommon, especially for pop-ups. That's why they were paying her Jamie $1M.

3.  Where's the actual source document? It seems none of us can actually find it. I believe it's real... but we don't want to look like fools just believing anyone's random social post.

4.  The most disgusting part of this is that her own father is saying that due to her refusing to show up, "her own financial well-being" (ummm.... it's not HER OWN financial well-being is it?) and "preservation of her continued stature as an iconic artist" (umm... HER team did that by not letting her work with the people she wants, firing everyone she's comfortable with, and locking her up in Vegas to intoxicated audiences instead of loving fans from all over) has deteriorated. Her lawyer better step up and tell the courts WHY she did that, because it's NOT in her best interest. That would explain why she did this cold social videos reading from a paper and not even caring lol. That also explains why POM was basically just her daily workout routine. This further gives fire to my initial speculation that she did not want to do the Domination announcement and that something happened behind the scenes during that delay, which is why she looked a bit flustered and why they didn't let her do her scripted speech in case she spoke out so they pretended there was an 'audio issue'... and they pushed her out when she was signing autographs incase she wrote a help message but pretended it was a 'security issue'.  I hope one day she's not ONLY free, but also have any NDAs cancelled so she can just out every nasty thing they've done to her and every time they silenced her and made her look like the lazy bad one instead.

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9 hours ago, generation glory said:

They made Britney film this video too!! Just like they made her film the “all is well” video. Can you imagine all the things Britney’s been forced and manipulated into doing just so she could see her children, use her restricted iPhone or drive her car accompanied by a bodyguard who reports back to Jamie!! Britney’s basically been held hostage since Feb. 2008. 

She used Domination and The Zones as bargaining chips.

She did it back in 2005, too, after she'd met Kevin.


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A person with a broken foot/ankle cannot support the foot and she in the video that she "reads the letters of the fans" is supporting the foot and is wearing a cast (not a bandage) therefore we already knew that they were lying.
Colon cancer is one of the most deadly diseases.
A colon fracture is one of the hardest and most degenerative diseases and Jamie Spears was at a wedding so we already knew they were lying.
We knew very well why The Zone was made therefore I do not understand the surprise that she was bribed with her own money and we knew that they were lying.
Britney's career has been in decline since 2008 and especially since the guardianship begins (bad work, cheap things, bad direction, bad PR, no creative freedom, etc) we know this very well.

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Its statements like these that seriously make me question Jamie's game? Like, what is he trying to do? Who is he trying to win over?

1) According to documents, Britney made it clear that she is and has been refusing to work until her father is out of the picture.  If he, lou or anyone else said she'd turn up, knowing this fact and let's be real, its probably been since she got out of the facility, then that's on them; they might have the legal ability to do so, but it shows you badly she's treated; she wasnt asked before cash was handed over.

2) the money was refunded. Frankly, it shouldnt be a "loss" as your side of the deal wasnt fulfilled, but this goes back to point 1.

3) How is Britney ruining her legacy by refusing to turn up to an event she didnt agree to go to? If anyone is doing that, its Jamie and TeamCon. Frankly, this is a useless arguement. Its Britney's legacy in the end that she hasnt been able to control. Would retiring ruin her legacy?

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17 hours ago, KrisJ said:

Any “fan” that visited the pop up should be ashamed of themselves. 
It was painfully obvious this was just another cash grab and I’m so glad she REFUSED to partake in anything that will make her handlers more money.

P.s - Jamie and Devilou can both ROT 

I was saying this before it even opened. Some fanstores such as BSAvenue even organised trips from France to the USA for The Zone.

Fans "boycot" the UO vinyl releases cause they claim it benefits her team yet many of them went to The Zone.

And what hurts even more is that her own backup dancers went. They were close to her and most certainely know about her situation as they worked so close...yet...i am honestly glad that André isn't alive to see this. He was the only dancer that truly cared for her. He would have broken down with all of this.

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15 hours ago, generation glory said:

Exactly but they always claim that the conservatorship (Jamie, Team CON & CA Probate court) can’t force the conservatee, Britney, to work— that’s a damn lie!! They can and they have this entire time!! Look back, think it over.

• Britney MTV video Countdown, pre-Circus tour. She looked uncomfortable and miserable and gave very short answers. She did NOT want any part of it.

• For The Record. I see it as propaganda by Team CON. We got some insight into her “new normal” but it was obvious she wasn’t ready for The Circus tour and probably didn’t wanna do it but felt pressured /guilted into doing it and it meant she could see Preston and JJ as they were with her on the road. KFed was paid an extra $5k so he’d allow the boys to travel with her and his gf who’s now his wife was traveled with him & the boys on some dates of Britney’s tour for free!!

• Britney didn’t seem to be into Femme Fatale era/tour. She was on autopilot until towards the end of the tour. 

• We all saw that she hated doing The X Factor too. Poor thing bit her nails til they bled, had a horrible first day of filming. It was a dreadful experience for Britney but profitable for Jamie, Jason, Larry, Lou & Team CON.

• Now we know why Britney didn’t sing on Britney Jean. Myah Marie to the rescue.

•  POM was a compensated her not touring. It brought in $$ for the CONservatorship. But it didn’t appear she was really wanted to extend it, tour then start a new residency back-to-back.

• It makes sense why she bailed on the Domination announcement.

• Britney doesn’t support Britney The Zone, because she knows it’s another cash grab by the leeches to make them money off her name since she’s refusing to work for them.

Britney is their human trafficking slave. Thankfully that’s about to change!! #FreeBritney

So she means with „project rose“-human trafficking -like the so called website?

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1 hour ago, Britisahuman said:

So she means with „project rose“-human trafficking -like the so called website?

I try my best to not make personal attacks here and be objective but y’all are delusional. Always some bull****. Human trafficking now? You honestly thing Britney would stay silent about something like this? My God. 

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