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New court documents filed by Jamie say Britney refused to make an appearance at The Zone, forcing him to refund $1 million advance


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Interesting. So this confirms so much! 

The $1 million advance from last month had some truth to it.

This always proves the zone posts aren't her which we already knew but iys nice to have it confirmed.

This also makes me wonder if the zone will keep commenting under her posts lol :selenerz:

These little tidbits of info are small but huge when looking at the bigger picture. It helps us piece things together and makes the movement stronger. Its why she doesn't want these sealed. 

Its so amazing that she is finally fighting back i hope as this goes on she knows we won't stop until she is completely  free.

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1 hour ago, Buffybot said:

According to some fans the Zone was all her idea, a project of a real fan, with no involvement of her team... dumb the simpsons GIF

It still could be.. In The Zone was on its way for 2 years. Saddly tho, she changed her mind and declined EVERYTHING. Even that musical that is postponed, not her idea, but she was involved in some way, but she rightfully rejects work..
One doesn't rule out the other. Things have changed..

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Just now, vinay said:

I'm glad she is standing up for herself, so what do you guys think is happening with her recent instagram Q&A's I'm curious...is she doing these by her will?? Because if she didn't wanna do them she could have refused just like the zone 

Her Q& A are made up by her.... Haven't you noticed that?? 

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5 minutes ago, FreeLou said:

I’m glad she’s still strong enough to disobey after 12 years of slavery. She’s such a strong person, it’s beyond admirable.

It’s really sad, though. The little details are so sick. It’s good that this info is out there, but if it doesn’t help her case and the judge is biased then it’s just too frustrating. GOD HELP THIS WOMAN.

Yes IMAGINE the details we don't know.... :disappointed:

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I felt like Britney was once again going through the motions during Domination rehearsals. I think she likes being around her dancers but her heart wasn’t into Domination, POM 2.0, the POM Tour or the meet & greets which clearly was too much for her at times.

Her team pushes the mental illness topic in conniving ways. Her dad & others act as though it Britney she isn’t cooperating by making appearances, filming things, doing whatever they want her to or performing then that means her meds aren’t working (remember TMZ’s lies saying the cocktail of meds they had her on stopped working🙄) or they take her uncooperative way as she’s depressed, on the mental decline. It’s BS!! Good god they’ve had her drugged into compliance! Jamie threatened to take her sons away... can you imagine they fear she had over loosing her sons?? 😢 All she wanted is to be a mom not a cash cow. I’m disgusted that her own father would allow his illness to be used to cover up him having Britney locked away got non-compliance!! Worst of all Lynne reposted that **** on Facebook did JL repost it too ??... before she deleted her old posts?? It’s sickening how the entire Spears family has been in on this scheme from the start!!

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I dont get why she could refuse to attend but didn’t refuse to record the video? Maybe she didnt have an issue with The Zone but for some other reason did not want to be there?

Also shook at the fact a quick lil’ appearence from her at the cheap mess only known by stans was worth $1M. Lmao and they want me to believe her fortune is only $57M. LMAOOO

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