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Sam Asghari supports #FreeBritney

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5 minutes ago, Slayer said:

You guys ***** when he supports and when he's silent - he can't win :katyclown:


He can’t win because we haven’t forgotten how he covered James’ a.s.s for sending her to a facility against her will.

He could have said nothing but instead he created a plate of roses and posted an insta story making it seem like they were together. Then he went on to leave a comment under her “me time” post about how it should be admired as a sign of strength or whatever bull so that articles would be written with his name in it. 

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7 hours ago, Britney'sFrappuccino said:

What kind of guy would want to date a woman under a conservatorship. Sounds so exploitative and creepy and like non-consensual. Even though we haven't got any indicators that it is a non-consensual relationship.

Do you date someone for their circumstances, or because you like who they are as a person?

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